Bad moon risin’

Mr. President. You have lied to, betrayed and humiliated Americans. You have put us in mortal danger opening the door to dangerous players like the Russians, Chinese, Iranians and the soulless Islamist murderers killing their way across Iraq. It is either time for to do a package check or it is time for you to resign and go on back to Chicago, which appears to be on the Detroit path to ruin. Maybe the slum lord that runs your White House can find you a decent flat on the South Side.

Your statement on the Muslim day called Eid said the following:

[America] “celebrates the common values that unite us in our humanity” and “welcomed their commitment to giving back to their communities.”
“wishes Muslims in the United States and around the world a blessed and joyous celebration.”
“achievements and contributions… to building the very fabric of our nation and strengthening the core of our democracy.”

Your statements, as ridiculous as some of them are, are taken around the world as the voice of Americans. You need to add a disclaimer to any future statements like this. This is the solely the opinion of Barrack and Michelle Obama- given to us by Valerie Jarret – and is not representative of the voice of the American people.

You delayed your busy schedule of “Stop the hatin’” fund raiser speeches, lavish vacations, and golf to share that important time with the mortal enemy of freedom and the United States of America. Who in the heck says “stop the hatin’?” This is graffiti. Not words for a president wanting anyone in the world to take him seriously. And apparently you are not taken seriously in many parts of the world. Otherwise Americans would not have had to endure the humiliation of the laser light show display on the American embassy in Russia. You know, the one of your image – the image of America – sucking on a banana. That was America’s humiliation. Not yours.

ISIS, the junior varsity as you called them, also celebrated Eid with mass executions and beheadings. Displaying heads on poles and electric wires. Celebration did not end with Eid though. They have continued their blood lust lining up bound people and executing them. Burying people alive. Are they running out of creative ways to murder? What is next? Sadaam Hussein’s wood chippers and acid baths? They have crucified and beheaded Christians even children, and raped their mothers. But it is not only Christians; it is any who do not accept their death cult. They are soulless murderers. In the name of Islam they are evil personified. They promised to hang their flag over the White House. The people with which you “celebrate(s) the common values that unite us in our humanity.”

While ISIS continues its murderous spree across Iraq, you decided it was time for a few bombing runs for the liberal media to play up, then it was off to another vacation at Martha’s Vineyard and more golf. Are you going there to fast and meditate? To seek guidance on how to handle this horror of your invention? Like, how many B-52 strikes will it take to annihilate ISIS – and a few others?

You lied to many gullible Americans when you publicly professed to be a Christian. I am waiting for the speech where you tell us what the common values between Christians and the Islamic murderers we see and read about every day are. If Christians were like the murdering Islamists with which you claim we have so much in common, much of our country would be in ruins. The very fabric of our country. Are you serious? Do a little blow when you can get it?

You have betrayed Americans, most especially our fighting men and women. They won the war in Iraq. Then you did to their victory the same thing Teddy Kennedy and his friends did to them and the South Vietnamese. Just like your ideology owns the killing fields of Cambodia, you own the killing fields of Iraq. It does not matter what you do now. The dead children will still be dead.

You have invited these murderers to cross our unprotected southern border. It would take a complete idiot not to believe that numbers of them are here now. Thanks to you. How long will it be Mr. President? How long will it be before these murderers turn up in an elementary school, or a Church, or a mall or at a major public event? You will own that too.

A super moon was out last night. Supposed to be even more super tonight. Like the Credence Clearwater Revival tune, I am afraid I see a bad moon risin’.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

3 Replies to “Bad moon risin’”

  1. Irishhawk77

    My Grandfather was a WWI Vet, my Dad a WWII Vet, and I’m a Korean War Vet, and I cannot begin to describe the disgust I have for this president and his administration. Equally disgusting is the spineless, gutless leadership of the Republican leadership in our government. And coming is a very close third in my disgust category are the senseless, hopeless idiots that suck off this government and keep these traitors in power.

    Last chance day: November 4, 2014

  2. Rob of Arabia

    Democrats have proven time and again they are incapable of protecting America. Which is why I found it so laughable that Hillary is going on record saying, “I told you so about Syria” and not arming the ‘rebels’. I question how America can survive the next 2+ years with the current moron-in-chief but God help us if Hillary wins. And yes, she is running – she’s just building up ‘the drama’ into ‘the decision’. I am already getting nauseated with the thought of Robin Roberts announcing Hillary running with tears a-flowing…

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