Better Dead than Red

My wife, son and I left Germany in the summer of 91. It was less than 2 years after the fall of the Berlin Wall. I have a case with a few chunks of that graffiti painted concrete cold war memory in it. I could have had some larger pieces, but the ones I have are special. My son chipped them off of the wall in January 1990 and gave them to me. Someday, I hope to tell my Granddaughters what those little pieces of concrete their Dad brought home stand for.

Following 6 months in West Texas and a 1 year sentence in the Washington DC Metro, my wife and I headed back on an Army assignment to Germany in the spring of 93. Our son went off to college. With the newly opened borders, we decided along with our good friends Kent and Irmgard to take a road trip into the Czech Republic. Unfortunately for Kent his passport was expired. Even with the border guard bribes we had been forewarned to bring with us, Kent understandably so, did not want to chance being on the wrong side of the border with an expired passport. Su, Irmgard and I left him in a German border town and headed out. The women were shopping for crystal and I was just along for the trip. It was an interesting day and Kent enjoyed the local food, folks and German beer waiting our return.

The memory of the day that most sticks in my mind was the stark contrast between modern West Germany and the former Communist and Soviet controlled Czech Republic. Just a few kilometers beyond the German-Czech border, I began asking myself why everything appeared so far behind the times. The answer was simple and obvious. Communism. Freedom, personal liberty and free markets bring prosperity. Communism with its restrictions on personal liberty and with its socialist, Marxist economics does the opposite. Just imagine taking a drive into 1950. Or, for you youngsters imagine no cell phones or Internet – ever. Or, take a look at the remaining 1950’s era automobiles in the liberal communist utopia of Cuba. Look at the starvation in communist North Korea.

During communism’s most notable failure, many voting aged Americans were not yet born. They cannot tell you about the Berlin wall. They never saw the stories of Germans who were gunned down by East German guards as they tried to make it to the West and freedom. Instead, they are taught to compare a Mexican border fence with the Berlin wall. A wall that was meant to keep people in not out. They do not know too much about the United Soviet Socialist Republic and their hammer and sickle. They do not even know what communism with its Marxist economic system is. Their public educations have not taught them about communism and even less about their own representative republic. In California, they are trying to bribe these ill informed youngsters to come out and vote with the promise of legalizing marijuana. It might work. As you youngsters contemplate tossing away your freedom for a free toke of pot smoke, think about some things.

When you hear our president talk about spreading the wealth and his close advisor union boss Andy Stearn talking about workers of the world unite, you are hearing communist ideology. Right in your face. The way it always works however, is that the presidents and the Andy Stearns get to keep their wealth while they spread yours around. They spread it until the only class line that remains is drawn between the super wealthy and the rest of us. The poor do not get wealthy and the solid middle class ends up on par with our nation’s poorest. Third world countries are identified as such because their communist socialist approach eliminates the middle class. That is worth restating. It does not help the middle class, it destroys it. They will forcefully take what you have. You will not have the cash to buy those mind expanding drugs. And in a nation where prosperity is stifled by the policies of the state, Nancy Pelosi will be unable to find a way to subsidize your habit. Did you ever wonder why alcoholism, generally involving kerosene grade vodka, was rampant in Moscow? The food stamps she is so fond of will also be useless. In this utopia, you will probably get a ration card. If you are a party member.

You hardcore atheists may be pleased to know that there is no God in communism. There is no room for religion because it is subversive. Whatever you have, including your freedom comes to you from the state and its single ruling party. Period. End of discussion. Even the thought of God given freedom cannot be tolerated.

Communism, Marxism, Socialism all turn out bad. Millions have died to prove that. Communism was once the great external threat to the United States of America. It is no longer an external threat.

You may want to give away your freedom to become slaves to and wards of the state, but do not be too offended when I decide to not participate with you. Check that. Be offended.

© 2010

2 Replies to “Better Dead than Red”

  1. ptco911

    JD I was also in Germany during this period and witnessed the fall of the Berlin Wall. I spent my life and career standing against the spread of Communism and felt the triumph of its failure. To see the rise through the efforts of the progressives in this country is very upsetting. They will see from many of us the fact that we will not stand for this.

    Thank you for your comments and thoughts.

  2. Rob of Arabia

    Your headline reminded me of a class I was in during my second year at college. This was back in 1983 and a few students were objecting to signing up for the draft registration. One student in particular said he would rather be ‘red than dead’. I don’t recall the exact words I said to that POS but, thankfully, the teacher calmed the situation down. Looking back, I certainly had a hard time fitting into college life as I did not share the same political views of the liberal establishment at that time!

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