Bullies, Secret Deals and Republicrats

Big Rita had a bad habit. She liked to bully people – generally people decidedly smaller than her. One week it was me in her sights. Every day my hair was pulled, I was smacked in the back of the head, shoved to the ground. It was one thing or another. At my expense, Big Rita was having a big old time. She was not giving me love licks, and culture taught me that boys did not fight with girls. Knowledge Rita used to full advantage. Finally, though it happened. On Friday just as I left the school bus, she decided to let me have another smack in the back of my head. It hurt. It must have been a sight when I leaped around her neck and bulldogged her fat face into the coal dust covered roadside. Beyond that instance of blind fury, I did not have much of a plan. I did know that I was going to keep her nose in the dirt until she quit kicking. When that happened, Big Rita got up and ran home bawling and never again revisited her evil ways. At least not with me.

That was my first life lesson with bullies. Bullies continue until their faces are forcibly ground into the dirt. Only then, will they consider a change of direction. Bullies abound in the world and some of them are committing unspeakable atrocities. They will continue what has become habit until forcibly held to account. We have bullies here in the gold old U. S. of A. too. They insist they want to be accepted for who they are. I agree with that thought and so do most people. The problem is they are led by factions that do not seek acceptance. They seek dominance. They want to suppress opposing thought to the point of destroying people and their businesses. Until and unless bullies get a taste of their own methods, they will not change their ways and society will lose because of it.

Did I ever tell you about Grandpa Johnny winning the county hollering contest? He was my Grandpa on Mother’s side. From whom I inherited red hair, baldness and a lifetime of being vertically challenged. Like most West Virginians of his generation, Grandpa had a lifetime of tough physical labor. For a good amount of time, he owned a timbering and saw mill operation. Grandpa had ailments one would expect of a man who led a tough physical life. A joint that did not ache was a rarity and he had some nether region issues too. He had a tube of ointment he rubbed on those achy joints. He also had a tube of ointment for those nether region issues too. He also had poor eyesight. Grandpa was a smart enough man to know to treat the nether regions first. The problem is that in haste and with failing eyesight, Grandpa grabbed the wrong ointment tube. My Uncle tells us he won the county hollering contest that day.

Have you wondered about the secret trade deal the Chamber of Commerce Republicans have partnered with the President to pass? It is one of those we will have to pass it to see what is in it arrangements. I think most of us can figure it out. The middle class everyone swears they are about to save will again take one in the shorts while the political elite and the Wall Street they swear they are going to challenge will walk away with fatter bank accounts. About the only reaction we will have is like Grandpa Johnny’s when he grabbed the wrong ointment tube. At least, that is, until enough of us get off our rears and vote.

I do not know if I am enjoying the Democrat war on the Clintons or not. The media is trying to gin up a campaign against George Bush and Hillary and O’Malley tell us it is time for someone to take on Wall Street and stand up for the middle class. Hillary wants to be our champion. Yes that was a snort you heard. It is rather humorous. One has to suppose it is the Whitehouse that is trying to derail the Clinton express. One must also wonder how long it will be before the old Clinton war machine unloads some really bad stuff on the Obamas. You really do not want to corner a wild animal if you can help it. Especially one you have wounded and is convinced it is fight or die time.

But, do not fret. Our favorite establishment, corporate loving, chamber of commerce Republicrats will figure out how to put Mrs. Clinton, or some other communist, back in the Whitehouse.

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