Can the truth break through the mass media firewall?

We’re getting lazy.  Intellectually lazy.  Self-included.  We’ve become click bait readers attached to our techno machines.  With noses buried in there worse than a rooting hog, we can find anything.  We believe.  Except the truth.  We listen to our favorite media personalities and read our favorite papers and news websites and follow people on social media for who knows why.  Because they give us the facts?  The whole truth?  Sadly no.  It’s because they tell us what we want to hear. What fits neatly into our ideological indoctrination.   They bury what they do not want us to hear.  One will tell you a particular personality is magnanimous, while the other confers an evil persona worthy of hanging from the nearest Pennsylvania Avenue lamp post.  It is a sad state.  Add to that the undereducated and purposely ignorant and you come up with the perfect storm to take down a society.  It’s more than sad.  It’s tragic.  A great freedom purposely tossed away.  The mass media is on its last legs rather than blazing a new frontier.  It will become a vehicle of truth or it will usher in a society that prefers their information come to them through a government-controlled entity.  Which of course, will always provide truth.  Freedom forfeited never to return.  Freedom is a gift from God.  Don’t give it away to a starry-eyed ideology.  Or to Satan himself.

Try some internet research.  You may come away more confused than enlightened.  Stay away from fact checkers.  Too many of them could have served well in Joseph Goebbels Ministry for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda.  Try to become your own truth finder.  It seems every thought these days leads in many directions.  Too often directly away from the truth.  Our self-anointed purveyors of truth, our free press, rarely tell the truth.  At best, not the whole truth.  Too often it’s a tilted, lopsided version of events.  I often wonder about the founder’s intent on a free press.  One would think the purpose was to have a people’s voice keeping tabs on the government, corruption, liars, and thieves.  On the other hand, maybe they envisioned a time like ours.  A time of mass media when concerned citizens can ferret out the truth for themselves.  It’s a problem because lies and misinformation in a microburst instantly travel the globe.  By the time people who value the truth actually get to the bottom of it, the lie is so widely spread by an ideological lazy media the truth becomes the old news.  We move fast these days so everyone moved on to the next story.  No one reads the updates.  The misinformation or lie becomes the truth.  The truth becomes a conspiracy theory.

“One difference between a cat and a lie is that a cat has only nine lives”.  Mark Twain

If Satan wanted to destroy America, he could not have devised a better plan than today’s mass media.  It worked amazingly well in NAZI Germany, Red China, North Korea et al.  But there is an astonishing difference.  The bad players in these murderous regimes controlled the message, the narrative.  In America, the free press controls the message.  Establishes the narrative.  Happily running with political lies and innuendo.  Their calling is no longer a journalistic one, but one of political activism.  The brass ring for them is claiming credit for taking down a President.  If this was a psychiatric examination, we’d call it suicidal ideation.  The death of objective journalism.  The death of a free press.  The death of a free nation.

“[Satan] Like a good chess player he is always trying to manoeurve you into a position where you can save your castle only by losing your bishop.” C. S. Lewis

Do you want to know why there is a rise in alternative media sites?  People no longer trust America’s free press.  If the media cleansed itself of biased news people and started reporting actual news and stopped trying to get a mention on the Rush Limbaugh program, it could probably heal itself.

Just one other thing.  The state of the today’s media is my fault.  And yours.  We like the back and forth, the seedy side, the political soap operas exaggerated by the press.  If there was a news program that focused on objective news reporting, no one would watch, read, or listen.  In our culture, the ugly truth is, we need to be entertained and emotionally stimulated.  That’s more important than truth.  Who wants to be bored with the dull truth?

We need to save the castle and the bishop.

“Truth is always about something, but reality is that about which truth is.”  C. S. Lewis

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2 Replies to “Can the truth break through the mass media firewall?”

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  2. Kelleigh Nelson

    And as Pamela Geller stated, “Truth has become the new hate speech.” I don’t have much hope for America actually, my hope rests in the King of Glory. When he reigns, then there will truly be justice.

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