Christmas Vacation Stopping to Smell the Roses – 1

Hey Mister
Where you going in such a hurry
Don’t you think it’s time you realized
There’s a whole lot more to life than work and worry
The sweetest things in life are free
And there right before your eyes

Mac Davis – Stop and Smell the Roses

Christmas break was perfect, except for one minor kerfuffle I’ll sort out and share in a later post.  Too bad 2020 begins like the last decade ended.  Isn’t it? I’m not going to dwell on that for now except to say that people are missing life.  Yes, missing it.  All of the truly important parts of it.  Failing to stop and smell the roses or count our many blessings everyday as the old Mac Davis tune went.  Too busy living in the past re-fighting old battles rather than learning from them.  Dreading the future.  Concerned with imaginary future self-destruction while overlooking the real clear and present dangers and problems of the day.  Comparing our country to a ship at sail we’d probably be in mutiny with the wind blowing us around in an endless, self-destructive circle of division.  And according to Mac, if we don’t shape up, we’re going to find our way to heaven is a rough and rocky road. Enough of my cynical outlook. 


Suzie-Q and I were blessed to spend Christmas with my son and family which includes my exceptionally beautiful granddaughters Mia (Amelia), and Liv (Olivia). 


The girls are smarter than the average Grandpa.  Not to imply that I’m an average Grandpa.  When I was their age, the only person talking to his watch was Dick Tracy.  In a newspaper cartoon strip.  Other than Christmas family time, watching the Rise of Skywalker, and hitting some favorite restaurants including the one attached to a gun range, we did manage a few one-day road trips.

We headed out on a trek to visit our old stomping ground, Heidelberg, Germany.  From elementary practically through high school, my son grew up there.  The important years of my military career were there.  The core years I’d offer. 


We altered our route some to visit quaint Nordheim, Germany.  Why Nordheim?  Some friends share a name with this town.  The Northheimers.  There is an actual town named Northeim, but it was too far for us to include in our travel plans so we opted for Nordheim.  Off we went on a souvenir hunt for our friends.

Nordheim is a little town sitting in the middle of Germany’s famed Wurttemberger Weinstrasse (Wurttemberg Wine Route). There are vineyards galore and a winery, but few stores and shops. We went into every shop and the only potential souvenir we found hosting the Nordheim name was a bottle of wine.  Unfortunately, not a travelable souvenir. 

We followed the direction sign to the rathaus (city hall).  An appropriate name for a building housing politicians and bureaucrats, isn’t it? Behind city hall is where the girls enjoyed a short romp in town’s small park.

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The town is dotted with much interesting and old architecture.  By time, our exploring was limited to the immediate area around the town’s center

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allowing time for us to get on to Heidelberg before nightfall and visit places important to nearly a decade of our lives .  Our journey around town led us into every store and shop, but left us empty handed for a suitable memento. 

Running out of time and places to look, we stopped at the last chance winery.  Being a place that sales nothing but its own collection, we felt certain they’d have a wine glass or something sporting the town name.  We were at the point of even settling for a coaster.

At the winery there is a storefront, but no gift shop or anything similar.  The young man who greeted us seemed thrilled to practice his English, which was probably better than mine, and told us about the winery.  There was no restaurant.  Americans.  We’re always looking for a place to eat.  He did point us to an area where customers brought in their own food.  Whatever one might want to eat while they sampled the wares.  There was some tasting and some restocking of the home wine cellar.  We made one last stop before getting back on the autobahn.

Not a surprise the winery sits on the border of the vineyard.  There was a large WE_N sign there, undoubtedly a smart and inexpensive commercial for the Rolf Willy Privatkelerei.  The purpose of the missing “I” is to allow one to stand there and become the I in a photo.  Which is then spread all over who knows where.  We all took our shot at being the I.  Suzie-Q however, came up a little short so I volunteered to dot the I for her.

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