Coffee cups, Islamists, Ferguson….

I read that 90 percent of the serving members of the United States Armed Forces do not support our coffee cup saluting Commander-in-Chief. There is no survey I am aware of supporting that conclusion. The gentleman making the declaration in the article I read was offering his gut sense as a former warrior still having ties to the military. I had to ponder that some. Frankly, I wondered who the 10 percent was who supported him. Too many of them are likely generals. Dangerous bobbing heads. Having spent some years of my life in the service and living through the Carter and Clinton administrations, I could certainly understand that gut reaction. But, how did it get that bad?

Deep military cuts. Refusing to mention the words Islam or terror. Declaring that we are not now nor have we ever been at war with Islam while failing to acknowledge that Islam is at war with us and the world and has been since the beginning of recorded history. Radical social engineering of the force. Rules of engagement costing many American lives. Trading hardened Islamic murderers for a deserter then in the face of Benghazi pledging to leave no American behind. Abandoning Iraq and forfeiting everything gained while discounting American lives lost. Comparing the murdering bastards that American fighting men and women will have to face again with white police officers in Ferguson, Missouri. Saluting United States Marines with a damn coffee cup in your hand!

Respect is earned. It is a two way street. You have to display some to get some. Who is that 10 percent again?

Then there is the fine United States Attorney General. Eric the race coward Holder. Fast and furious cover-up, IRS cover-up, refusing to prosecute the new Black Panthers in clear cut case of voter intimidation, suing states trying to enforce the law, challenging voter identification laws, failing to enforce laws that he and dear leader do not like. Refusal to title clear acts if Islamic terrorism calling them instead acts of workplace violence and in the same track wanting to disarm law abiding Americans. Using Eric’s logic, every Soldier lost in combat could be characterized as work place violence. Eric the race coward afraid to use the word Islam in the context of terror. Eric the race coward afraid to call a thug a thug because of the color of his skin. Eric needs to spend many years in prison. The Islamists inside probably will not need much effort to convert him into a jihadist.

Oh, and Secretary of State Hillary at this point what difference does it make Clinton. Future presidential candidate no doubt. The only difference is she is probably a better communist than the one we have now. We have a new Secretary, Genghis John Kerry. He is convinced that what we are doing now, bombing Iraq and Syria is not war. OK. Genghis John told us that Biblical scripture requires us to save the Islamic world from global warming. No, I am not making that up. If there is a government institution that deserves insertion of a gigantic enema….

I do not even want to talk about Harry Reid other than to press that he is a grand establishment partisan like some on the other side hope to be some day.

Speaking of the other side. They are busily following another Karl Rove pathway to victory. Hide in the dark, shut up, and let the other side beat itself. Their strategy for saving our country is to have no strategy. They will sit on their hands making puff ball pastel promises of grand things while the other side dismembers each one of them from now right up until Election Day. Win the Senate? Fat chance. Besides, to view things from Hillary’s perch, at this point what difference would it make who owns the Senate? Oh, they could have made a difference. But they probably lost the Senate in Mississippi when they bought Democrat votes to defeat the conservative candidate. Maybe they should switch on the television campaign ads and listen to the Democrats who are running against Obama. They are doing a pretty danged good job of it.

Just in case they might be listening though: Declare that a state of war exists between the Unites States of America and Islamic terrorism wherever it is found on this planet. Declare American Energy Independence. Declare that not one more American dollar will go to any other world entity for the purchase of oil. Declare that the American goal is to dominate the world oil market to lower prices and take money out of the hands of countries that have been financing Islamic terrorism. Declare that American borders will be secured and illegals sent back to their country of origin, more than welcome to try to come back through the front door, but America will determine who gets the visas. Declare that Obamacare will be repealed. Declare that the Internal Revenue Service, the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Energy, the Department of Education, the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Security Agency, and there are probably others, will go away.

But, if you sit in your corner and say nothing except that you are not a Democrat, you lose because I have nothing to gain by voting for you. So why would I bother.

I am going to go work on the bunker.

©2014 J. D. Pendry American Journal

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