Communist Red or American Red, White and Blue

In case you missed it, or have been getting your information from MSNBC, the communists have taken complete charge of the Democratic political party in the United States of America. Lock, stock and Pelosi.

They do prefer a different label. It was progressive, then it was liberal, then it was progressive again. But it has always been communist in ideology. They were always there. It has only been in recent years that they have boldly taken complete control of the party of my Father. The old Democratic Party hacks that are more loyal to the party and their special interest groups than they ever were to America and her Constitution are simply in denial. In case you are feeling strong, the Republican Party is not so free of the progressive-communist ideology either. Just listen for the code speak about the problems caused by the “radical” Tea Party movement.

Sadly, not a politician (except for Allen West) and doggoned few in the media (even the claimed conservative side of it) will utter the word communist. They will not do it because they fear being beaten with the McCarthy bat. The liberal-progressive-communist politicians and their media cohorts wrote that narrative too and have layered it onto the American psyche ever since. McCarthy was evil incarnate. No, must never mention the “C” word. This is the same media that brands the Republicans as racist while never recalling that it was a Democrat filibuster that held up Civil Rights legislation and it was Republican votes that finally passed it. That is what the communists do with the help of a like-minded media. They take the stand that is popular with the citizenry, then after the fact claim it as their own and drive home the narrative that it was the other side that put up the road blocks putting the other side forever on the defensive.

Just listen and think. It is not that hard. Harry Reid, tired old party hack, makes an outlandish and totally fabricated claim and within minutes every liberal-progressive-communist in the media is running with it. Demanding answers. It is the same media that has never questioned, not even once, the background of the man in the Whitehouse.

The American news media, most of it sadly, is totally without honor or personal integrity. If there are any among you who are honorable men and women, now might be a good time for you to step forward. Most of you will not. You are no longer able to think for yourselves. You wait for the script and you unquestioningly repeat it to the hard working Americans who have come to depend on you for truthful information rather than searching for themselves. Americans have other jobs to do and they have naively believed for too many years that you were doing yours correctly and honestly. You have come to believe the historical lies that you have perpetrated on America. You have no mind of your own. You do not understand freedom. You do not understand what it takes to hold on to it. You have forfeited one of our most important freedoms, that of the press. With that, you also forfeited your honor. Unless you drastically alter course, history may remember you as freedom’s most destructive force.

A Communist America will impoverish the world not make it better. Building dependent welfare nations by redistributing American wealth will only equally impoverish all. A Red, White and Blue America that leverages her resources to become the totally energy independent country that it can be, an America that has a tax system that makes her the most attractive choice for corporations, an America that supercharges her small businesses, and an America that meets the needs of her citizens within her means to do so is the America that is the economic super power that prospers the world.

The choice for Americans is quite clear. Either we will become the home of the un-free Communist Red or we will remain the home of the free American Red, White and Blue.


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