Coronavirus – Biological Threat or Psychological Operation?

J. D. Pendry

Psychological warfare.  In the military, it’s called PSYOPS.  It’s purpose and intent are to deceive, confuse, create panic, etc., with the aim of demoralizing an enemy or population leading to their defeat.

Because of so many easily manipulated elements, the United States is a perfect target for psychological operations. 

  • The political element is always ready to take advantage of any crisis to push an agenda.  Sometimes it’s an issue like abortion or gun control.  Don’t let them take away women’s healthcare.  Mass shootings means we need to take away guns.  But, mostly, it’s about political power.  Political campaigns are little more than psyops.  Always short on substance, campaigns often successfully frighten people with gloom and doom should they vote in a particular direction or they play on emotions and ignorance by promising them utopia. The harm they do to the country is only a means for them.  If the economy tanks, so what?  If people are out of work, so what?  Only collateral damage.
  • The US media thrives on crisis, major or minor, and has the capability and often desire to blow anything way out of proportion.  They do it for multiple reasons.  To increase audience, increase visits to their Internet sites, and ideological purposes meant to harm or help a particular person or group or to steer and control the population.  Anyone planning a psychological operation must love this highly effective and malleable tool.
  • There’s a political and media cabal.  Politicians throw out something, economy, administration incompetence, uncontrolled pandemic…  and their media water carriers run with it.  Putting people into panic and causing them to make runs on stores, sell off stocks, avoid businesses, not go to work and the economy tanks – or worse.
  • Ignorance is pandemic.  People react out of fear from what they’re spoon fed by politicians and media rather than acting from knowledge.  In a panic, they run for the edge of the cliff, blame the culprit the political-media cabal selects for them, and resort to irrational behavior like panic buying, hoarding, closing businesses and creating more panic with the economic hit of closing down major sports events.

Is the coronavirus simply a biological attack originating from Communist China?  Was it an accidental or intentional leak from the Wulan BioLab?  Was it an exercise to determine how much chaos an attack could cause?  How well countries could protect themselves? Was it an attempt to take down the global economy?

That’s a lot of questions to which most of us have no answer.  For their own reasons, the media, government, and politicians are not giving us any either.  Instead of running down rabbit holes, how about focus on other questions.  Who stands to benefit from the panic created by this now declared global pandemic?  Who stands to be hurt the most?


China stands to gain.  The virus originated in a Wulan, China BioLab.  The trade battles between the Trump administration and China, has hurt the Chinese more than it’s harmed the US.  No matter your ideological or political leanings, you have to admit to the economic boom taking place in our country.  China was poised to, and being helped by globalists, to supplant the US as the world’s biggest economy.

The Russians and Saudis. 

The media and politicians keep steering us toward the virus as the reason for our economic woes.  One of the major reasons for the US economic boom is energy independence.  While we dally with pandemic panic the Saudis and Russians are undercutting oil prices flooding the market with cheap oil making it less profitable for our oil fracking operations.  For them, who rely on oil production for most al of their income, it reeks of desperation.

The globalists.

America and President Trump stand in the way of the globalists push for their new world order.  By 2016, with the US government saturated with communists and globalists they were prepared to make their big push.  But the wrong President was elected.  They’ve thrown everything at this man and each time they’ve failed.  This manufactured pandemic could be their big move.  Creating chaos, tanking the economy with their ultimate goal of taking down a President and our America.

The Democrats.

It’s a sad state, but what harms the country and hurts the people helps the Democrats in this election year.  Even in the worst of conditions, I do not believe Joe Biden could win an election.  Unless… rallies are cancelled, debates are cancelled, and people are encouraged to vote from home leading to rampant and unchecked fraud.  That’s why his Vice President selection will step up right after the nomination, or the election Lord help us, due to his failing health or sudden heart failure.  Then they will get their second chance at installing Hillary.  Even an unelected Hillary.  And it’s the ignorant cheering the loudest who will lose the most.  Civil war is also a deadly pandemic.

Who loses?

Not Donald Trump.  Americans lose.  This is not about the Democrats defeating Donald Trump.  Put aside your hatred for the man and take a closer look at the people you’d have replace him.  Blue collar America would be over as Obama declared. “those jobs are not coming back.”  And he’d be right this time because those manufacturing jobs putting food on the tables of hard-working people will return to slave labor China.  The government will make it feel better by putting them back on food stamps and providing government-controlled health care.  And to my long-time friends working for the Federal Government.  You don’t feel the pain of the forgotten people in this country.  Your retirement fund may take a temporary hit, but you still have that nice paycheck hitting the bank every pay period.  Try not to help the people who want to turn us into a totalitarian state.  Because in a country like that the most despised people are those owned the government. 

Scorched earth.

This is more than just a Bio Threat from China.  It’s a PSYOP ok.  Panic created to initiate a scorched earth war to take down the most powerful country on the planet along with the one man in Washington standing in their way.  The Chinese, Saudis, Russians, Globalists, Democrats, never Trump Republicans, and the Media pile on.  Much of our country seems to either have no clue or they are happy with anything that replaces Donald Trump.  Our real pandemic is terminal cranial rectal inversion syndrome.  It’s time to figure out what’s important.  Do we prefer freedom or totalitarianism?  Do you think a little panic buying clears the store shelves?  Just wait for Socialism.  It is much more efficient in that regard.  It’s time to understand what’s really happening.  Before it’s too late.

© 2020 J. D. Pendry, All Rights Reserved

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