Dear America

Many believe God blessed you and because of that you became a great nation. In the history of mankind, you are arguably the greatest ever. Among your citizenry are people who firmly believe and are quite vociferous in their belief that God had nothing to do with it. In fact they do not believe in the existence of God and to that are too quite vocal. But that is part of your beauty. People can believe as they choose on such matters and express their thoughts as they see fit. It is called freedom.

In too many cases that freedom to speak your mind is becoming a bludgeon. For too many people or groups, that cherished freedom of thought and expression is morphing into a demand that others must accept what they say and believe as they do or be labeled as some sort of phobic.

Among your people there is no longer clarity between what is good and what is evil. What one group holds to be good another holds to be evil and evil to one is good to another. And each group busies themselves insisting the other group believe as they do. Your people are hopelessly divided and the leaders chosen by them relish the division. Your house is divided and if the division is not bridged as any divided house, it will fall.

The captains of your ship of state have steadily steered you away from your charted path of liberty. For generations, your people have responded with apathy. For their lack of concern they have been keelhauled into submission lifting nary a finger in opposition. Instead they forfeited their freedom.

You were the champion of free markets, making you the wealthiest nation on earth. But your free markets are long gone replaced by crony capitalism. Now you are the champion of that. It is not even capitalism. It is where powerful and well connected are able to grow their wealth. In return for that politicians grow wealthy. The corporate powerhouses insist that the people should be taxed more, while your high corporate tax rates push smaller companies and the people they once employed to the wayside or force them to build factories in other countries. In all of this, it is your people who suffer.

Your charter declared your government to be by the people and for the people. No. It is now a government by the corrupt and for the corrupt. The corrupt govern to benefit themselves and the corporate cronies who make them wealthy – on a civil servants salary. Your vaunted political system and government of the people is now nothing more than a wealth producing industry for those able to play. This is as far from your founding charter as one could possibly travel in such a relatively short period of history.

You were once a mighty nation, one with character and trust. Your enemies feared you and your friends respected you. Troubled nations could look to you for help. Now, you are led by people who openly sympathize with the deadliest enemy you have faced since your last great war. Your leadership, elected by your people, has forged an agreement with an enemy sworn to your destruction. This same leadership has been a wrecking ball in relationships with your most trusted friends while seemingly embracing your most heinous enemies. This reckless leadership moves along its path of destruction while people elected to confront it close their eyes and ears and sit on their hands. So where do your people turn.

I believed God blessed you. I believe God will also judge you. I believe you should be on your knees asking for his mercy.

© 2015 J. D. Pendry American Journal All Rights Reserved

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