Déjà Moo

I have seen this bull crap before. You have too if you were alive and conscious during the 1960’s. Most of the brainwashed children of the privileged, who are out to destroy capitalism and are led by the likes of avowed communist and 911 truther Van Jones, have not seen this before. Ignorant, slothful, educated in communist re-education camps called universities and woefully unprepared for the society they believe they want. These useful idiots equipped with I-pads and I-phones await their tweeted orders while professing to hate the system that gave them I-phones and the Internet.

It was hardly more than a year since I wrote about this. Here too. It was déjà moo then too.

The hippie mantra, besides hell no, we won’t go and burning their draft cards, was to never trust “the establishment.” Besides their selective service cards, they also burned our flag. Conversely, they admired the Communist North Vietnam flag. They took over college campuses and held peaceful little demonstrations like the 1968 Democratic Convention in Chicago. In 1969, they gave us their crowning achievement, Woodstock. They admired Karl Marx, Che Guevara and Ho Chi Minh. – The Establishment, September 2010

The riots [Democrat convention, Chicago 1968] were incited by the Youth International Party, Yippies for short. They were one of the groups involved that grew out of the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) who were also active in the riots. Members of the Black Panthers and a group called the National Organization to End the Vietnam War were involved too. If you are not familiar with this time and events, do yourself a favor and type Democratic Convention 1968 or Chicago 8 into your favorite Internet search engine [just be cautious of the version you read as you could be reading a Nancy Pelosi take on the events]. Another offshoot of SDS that you must have heard of by now is the Weather Underground and its most famous and unrepentant Pentagon bomber and Presidential associate, Bill Ayers. – America is Ours, April 2010

Some of the accounts you read of the time tell you that these “youths” gathered in Chicago (so like the wonderful Arab Spring and “young, spontaneous, focused“ youths occupying Wall Street) just wanted to end the Vietnam War and change our oppressive government for the better. Just understand that 98 percent of them were the drugged up hippie generation. I am of this time and I was living in Chicago and I was not an innocent observer of the hippie culture. The masses may have adorned themselves with peace symbols, love beads and stop the war buttons, but that was the depth of their commitment to any cause. They merely followed the hippie crowds to any gathering of flower children so that they could partake of the sex, drugs and rock and roll all of which were plentiful. The Chicago convention mob was 2 percent “community organizers” – Yippies, SDS, NOEVW, Black Panthers and 98 percent hippie useful idiots. It is just like the occupy Wall Street mob – or as Nancy described them for us “young, it’s spontaneous, and it’s focused.” That brain was in line for the Presidency. Oh my.

These young, spontaneous and focused sheep will become dangerous as they are supported by the puppet masters of our current government – George Soros (who makes money hand over fist from the anarchy he creates around the world and communist led unions). The longer the police, who fear the Department of Justice more than the rioters, sit back the mobs will continue to grow and become destructive and violent. I believe this is the hope – create such anarchy that the people will beg the government to step in and save them.

Arab Spring? Funny, but I am not laughing because there are dangerous similarities. The Arab spring served to “take countries back” from secularist hardliners only to hand them over to Islamic hardliners. In America, the communists are already in charge and are working feverishly to solidify control and destroy the world’s last standing free country. They need chaos and anarchy so that they can swoop in and save us from ourselves. In 1968 Chicago, the organizers were charged and tried for inciting riots. Our government is now complicit in inciting riots. Who is there to prosecute them – other than you and me?

God, Family, Country. Keep a “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence” and prepare to protect your family from the hard times ahead. Do those two and the Country will stand strong.

I believe that this is just the precursor of worse things to come. By the summer 2012 political conventions, the 1968 Democratic convention riots in Chicago in comparison may look like a Church picnic.

I hope that I will not be sitting here typing déjà moo all over again.


One Reply to “Déjà Moo”

  1. Captain America

    Grandpa often said, “The next depression will make the ’30s look like a church picnic.” So shall it be.
    When the destroyers perpetuate their mission on this country, a few of us will be entrusted to proclaim THE AMERICAN WAY. I believe all those with the “cold dead hands” will be tested. Sad to say that the vast majority of the Real Americans (those that want to BE Americans, not just live here) are wishful thinkers, impervious to the reality of our situation. I have heard many state that they “do not vote because it does no good”. Like the Crocodile Dundee of middle America….. “Who’s gonna hear my voice out here?” They just want to go about their daily stide free from the political crowds. Few people realize how close we are to another civil war. Will these plaanned demonstrations evolve into marshall law, suspending the elections- ushering in the dictatorship?
    In the 60’s I said, “Someday these hippy freaks will be running this country.”… Now they are. God Bless America. Long my Old Glory wave. AMEN.

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