Demand Justice?

I just spent precious time with two raving beauties. My granddaughters Because their Dad’s work is far away, Grandma and I only get to visit with them once a year. We cherish every moment. In everything they do, we see their innocence. Carefree, happy, and safe. Life teaches that time lost with a child or grandchild is simply time lost. You cannot get it back and what they learn from from you while they are children will be with them forever. Please take your job seriously.

Then the reality of the day hits me in the face. I wonder then, will my generation or the one just behind pass on to them life in a wonderful, prosperous, and free nation? Will they ever know the American spirit of freedom? Or, will they inherit the chaotic and extremely dangerous world currently being built? What will I leave them? What will be the generational legacy? What credit or blame will we get for the state of the world that in adulthood they must face? It is enough to make a Grandpa concerned.

In another part of the world, children their ages are being murdered. Beheaded. Cut in half. Buried alive. Only because they are Christian children. The very thought of this atrocity should be enough to enrage every American, actually every civilized man or woman on the planet. No government on the planet should willingly stand by while this happens. Oh, nations are expressing anger. We get that a lot these days. Politicians before television cameras expressing outrage. Outrage noted, children are still dying. The free and partially free nations of the world have always looked in one direction with their ire and in search of leadership. They look toward America. They look to lay the world’s problems at our doorstep. As the world’s most prosperous and powerful nation, leading the charge toward solving global crises comes with the territory. Typically, American political leadership has been up for the challenge. Willing and able to take the lead, organize nations, and confront and destroy evil such as we are now witness to. Our leadership? It is on vacation. Teeing up. On their summer break from Washington. Campaigning. Washington’s collection of career politicians led by a nitwit is willing to let a problem build up to a world war. What will I allow them to leave for my grandchildren?

In our own streets, we find Ferguson, Missouri. It is sad and tragic whenever any young person loses their life especially when it could have been prevented. The time for preventing such incidents though is not the day they happen. It is much earlier. Then it is stoked out of control by a media that should be charged – every flipping member that I can think of – with criminal negligence. Then, episode following episode the same people who historically decry lynch mobs show up demanding justice. They want it now. Right now. Bring out the la cross team, bring out neighborhood watch guy, demand the police officer, demand justice. Demand it now. That is a lynch mob. And they always turn out to be wrong – sometimes dead wrong. Not to worry. The Justice Department has got this.

Where were these demanders of justice when these youngsters were growing up? Many young men without a father figure in the home to guide them. Where were these “Reverends?” Did they not see the need for Christian ministry in places like Chicago where young black men killing one another seems to be the local sport? Where does a young person learn that it is acceptable to loot a business and steal? What sort of culture is that? Is it a Christian culture? Reverend?

The world is growing more dangerous each day. The Islamic murderers are promising to visit their evil on Americans. We are twiddling thumbs. Our city streets are as dangerous as those of any country I can think of. If Americans do not make a stand now. If Americans do not demand the destruction of this greatest national threat. If American citizens do not take back their communities from the demand justice gang. If the American media continues to be criminally dishonest with Americans. There will not be an America for my granddaughters.

© 2104 J. D. Pendry

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  1. Poetrooper

    J.D., Russ Vaughn from the now defunct Old War Dogs here. I’m still writing for American Thinker and a military site called This Ain’t Hell run by a former Ranger platoon sergeant Jonn Lilyea with a primarily military readership. Jonn is now retired in West Virginia and his website covers mostly military issues with a focus on exposing the Stolen Valor phonies. The language can get a little rough sometimes in the comments but that’s just troops acting like troops.

    Would you be interested in cross-posting your always excellent essays on TAH? I think the readers there would appreciate your insights. Let me know and I’ll see what Jonn says.


    Russ Vaughn

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