Do It Right Today

We are told that according to the Maya calendar we just celebrated our last Christmas on earth and are beginning our last year of existence. Call me skeptical if you like, but I put my faith in another source about that time. My source has a much better prophetical record than do the Mayans, but who am I to challenge the cable TV scholars on such a matter.

Hear ye, hear ye, the world ends on December 21, 2012. We are also taught that when the day does come, there will be no proclamation. The Maya calendar is interesting to some I suppose. If they are right and my source is wrong, I suppose the joke is on me. But, if my source is right then I am all set and the cable TV scholars, who are convinced that space aliens can account for most everything on earth and their colleagues at the ACLU better stock up on asbestos underwear.

Here is what I know for certain. We cannot fix yesterday and we cannot predict tomorrow. As a people, we do spend much of our time trying both. The only thing we can do is work to get today right. If we work hard to get today right, yesterday will not need fixin’ and tomorrow we can work hard at getting it right again. If we work hard to get it right every day, then we will be prepared for whatever comes.

Hey Congress! See how that works.

There are other proclamations I also accept as truth. An important one tells us if we do what is right today, we will be blessed and prosper in the land that we have been given. It is a declaration proven true throughout our brief history. Then it warns us if we stray from doing what is right, we will not live long in the land we were given. I am no Mayan and no prophet, but the signs are that we are feeling the pains from many years traveling that well known highway to perdition.

When we consider the state of the land with which we have been blessed and the impact it does and can have on the rest of the world, maybe the Mayans do have it right to some degree. Maybe the world as we know it, at least our part of it, will end in December 2012 or more likely on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

I was driving home the other evening, a day before the calendar flipped over to 2012. I prefer the old two-lane blacktop and the country side to the Interstate. I was pretty much alone on the road and contemplating much of what you just read – if you made it this far. Adding to the mood was the sound of Elvis coming from the CD player in the car. He was singing How Great Thou Art. No matter what else you may think of Elvis, he could certainly put some spirit into singing gospel tunes. I looked out ahead on the road and up at the hilltop. Evergreen and the winter brown from the hillside blended perfectly into the powder blue, soft gray and white of the evening sky. All of it was highlighted with brilliant orange and red streaks from the setting sun. The thought that popped into my mind is that no mortal artist could paint such a picture as that about the same time as Elvis sang “When I in awesome wonder.”

Elvis then broke into a spirited Joshua fit the battle of Jericho.

They tell me, great God that Joshua’s spear
Was well nigh twelve feet long
And upon his hip was a double edged sword
And his mouth was a gospel horn

It was about that time that I decided that I cannot do much about the state of our nation. I resolve in this year to avoid discussions about the stupidity of the stupid or the morality of the immoral or the corruptness of the most corrupt. These people can destroy a great nation and many people along the way, but they cannot take what it important. Instead, I thought I would better serve my country by focusing on the man in my mirror. It is said that a person’s eyes are the window to his soul. I need to take a long hard look into mine and ask if I am doing it right today. In my world, even if the Mayans made a lucky guess and it all blows up on December 21, 2012 our souls will live on and we control our own destiny by doing what is right today.

All of us control the destiny of this land with which we have been blessed. We must insist in 2012 that as a nation, we do it right. Today. “And the walls come tumbling down.”


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