Do you know what you want?

Or are you waiting for someone to decide for you?  Fascism, Socialism, Marxism, Communism, National Socialist (NAZI), Democracy….  I doubt if more than a tiny percentage of Americans can properly define any of them or lay out their tenets – including the malcontents on all sides of the rioting in Charlottesville.  They also do not know, thanks largely to media and academia propelled ignorance, that these ideologies are left wing and responsible for multiple millions of deaths.  Yet if you say anything opposing the worldviews of the ignorant, practically anything, they label you Fascist (which they in practice are) or a NAZI (left wing socialists who used NAZI Brown Shirt thugs to disrupt opposition rallies) and nowadays attack you as well.  They build straw man images consisting of everything they’ve been conditioned to hate around their targets and then commence their attacks, which are becoming more and more violent against boogie men that exist largely in their minds.  That’s just where we are these days.  It is difficult to have an adult conversation when someone is trying to beat your brains out with a hammer.

“Americanism” is also an identifiable ideology.  People take it for granted that they are Americans, but they would also be hard pressed to explain what an ideological American is.  Fifty out of fifty likely have a different view of Americanism and some outright disown the red, white and blue taking their million dollar salaries and a knee during playing of the Star Spangled Banner.   I also did not add Utopianism because every ideology up there except Americanism promises what it cannot deliver – Utopia.  They cannot deliver it but history proves they are willing to watch millions die while they try.

Did you ever wonder how many Americans actually know that the USA is not a pure democracy and it was never meant to be?  Pure democracy is mob rule.  It is the story of two wolves and a lamb voting on what’s for dinner.  That is pure democracy.  America is a Republic wherein the lamb has constitutional protections and rights ensuring that it will not become lamb chops.  It has also been pointed out that freedom is well armed sheep.  Pachyderms and Jackasses supposedly vote on what is best for the rest of us too.  Sometimes they overstep constitutional bounds while making their Faustian deals with the bank rollers.  In predictable form the Supreme Court straddles the ideological fence on whether they did or not.  Would you not think that a “Supreme” court tasked with interpreting the Constitution would be able to agree on what the actual words mean?  But, my naiveté shows.

One right we Americans have is peaceful assembly.  We do not have the right to attack someone who does not believe as we do no matter how disgusting to us the opposing view might be.  You would be hard pressed these days to find a peaceful demonstration not saturated by paid for rioters with locked and loaded politicians and media standing by to lay blame.  Both sides in the Charlottesville mayhem were wrong.  Any blame, harm or destruction belongs to the rioters, agitators and their sponsors.  Period!  Any politician or media hack that tries to place blame only exacerbates the problem and is no better themselves than the rioters.  Maybe they are worse.

So what is it you rioting wing nuts want?  Is it one of the ideologies mentioned or a conglomeration of them?  Or are you just too damn ignorant to even know what you want?  Do you think you want a civil war?  In the American Civil War, the history of which some are trying to eradicate, casualties were 620,000 although some estimates reach 700,000 – more casualties than all of our wars combined from the Revolutionary War through the present and at the time about 2% of the American population.  In today’s numbers that is about 6,500,000.  It would likely be much more though as we would not be using muskets on one another.  Is that what you are hoping for?  What I do know is that a nation that rejects its past no matter how abhorrent it may be also dooms its future.  A nation ignorant of its beginning will not see the end coming.

There is not a nation on this earth except for ours that was founded on the principle of individual liberty.  The only nation on this earth that can destroy us is us.  When you Pachyderms and Jackasses stop trying to remove our duly elected President, you may find time to figure out who it is that is turning every demonstration into a riot.  Maybe you can figure out who it is, other than the person looking back at you from the mirror that is hell bent on destroying a country that is truly the world’s last best hope, the only fortress of freedom remaining.  After here, except for in the heart’s desire of the people, freedom has no place to go.  And if in your putrefied Washington establishment and media hack minds you believe a White House Coup will solve our problems then you are so incredibly stupid.  You do not know the people of this country and in our streets you have not yet seen fury.

God Bless America.  The land that I love!

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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