Eve of Destruction

Even in an old hippie protest song it is possible to stumble upon words that are apropos to the day. These words are from one such song, written in 1965 by P.F. Sloan called Eve of Destruction. I remember Barry McGuire’s recording of it. I will not have you endure all of the words. Look it up if you like and are not familiar with it. I read some noting that McGuire was a born again Christian disowning the original version of the song and changing the lyrics for the times, but this piece of it seems timeless.

When human respect is disintegratin’
This whole crazy world is just too frustratin’
And you tell me over and over and over again my friend
Ah, you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction

Is our country on the eve of destruction? If you wanted to destroy something as big, important and powerful as the United States of America, how would you do it?

If you are talking in terms of war there are a couple of principles to consider. One tactic in a broader strategy might be to exploit the weak points. Another might be to mass power against the nation’s strong points and unrelentingly over time weaken the will to continue resistance. But likely, you would use parts of both of these.

To take down anything and ensure it remains down, you must destroy its foundation. You must destroy what has built and strengthened the things that bind and hold together the parts of this nation.

The foundation of the United States of America rests in a single set of values and but a relatively few documents. The values are Judeo-Christian. The documents are The Holy Bible, The Declaration of Independence, and The Constitution with the Bill of Rights. The other part of the foundation is a free market economy that is the wealth builder for individuals in pursuit of life, liberty and happiness and for the nation. The final piece of the foundation that must be toppled or marginalized is a loyal and professional military dedicated to protecting and preserving the other pieces of the foundation.

The weak point I would exploit? The children. First, I would wage all out war on Christianity with a goal to keep God’s influence away from the children. I would battle first to have prayer removed from schools realizing that over many generations millions of children would not be otherwise exposed to Christianity. I would teach them that the idea of creation and creator is myth based not science based. They would learn that science only supports evolution. Once I make inroads there, I will dumb down the American history they are taught. I will stop emphasizing the significance of our “law of the land” Constitution and suggest that it might need to be changed because like the stories in the Bible, it just reflects old thinking only relevant to the time it was written. I will repeatedly teach them that America is a democracy without ever making sure they fully understand what a true democracy is. I would never mention the words representative republic. I will follow that by pushing liberal arts over science, math and vocational technical studies. At the end of my long slog of producing poorly educated children unprepared for the demands of life, I would insist that they must now be taught a common core so they all receive an equal indoctrination. Then my job exploiting that weak point will be complete and utterly irreversible. A most important piece of the foundation thoroughly weakened.

Then I would constantly work at discrediting those important documents. I would set out to convince Americans that The Holy Bible is little more than mythology. I would cherry-pick pieces of the scripture and use them to support the idea that the Bible is just a collection of old stories applicable only to the ancient times in which they were written. Or, I would cherry-pick to prove that Jesus was a Socialist. I would even suggest that it may be due a rewrite to adapt it to the culture. I would show disdain for anyone or group that suggests that the culture must instead adapt to the teachings of the Bible. I would even declare that thought as offensive, hateful and bigoted. I would apply the same thought process to discussion of the Constitution, that the children have been taught was written by a collection of wealthy white male slave owners anyway, declaring it must be a “living” document constantly changing to suit the times and the culture. I would openly challenge rights that could enable citizens to rebel against the utopia I have in mind, like the right to keep and bear arms.

I would spend many years convincing the poor, who in reality are in the world’s top 1 percent of the wealthiest humans that they are in their predicament because of the greed of capitalism. Since I will be talking to people whose education system I destroyed, they will readily accept the idea that what the wealthy have they stole from the poor. I will promise to take wealth back from them and give it to the poor who deserve it. I will increase entitlements to the breaking point and then convince a dependent population that only government can save them. Then I will convince them they need free health care and I am going to give it to them and they will believe me. Then, I will audaciously suggest to them that the real pursuit of happiness is when one is not tied down by a job.

Over decades I will degrade the military. When it is engaged in conflict, I will use whatever political means I have to ensure they never have a decisive victory. I will ensure it drags out over many years. I know how great it was for the country that we had a decisive victory in World War II which led to a better educated, hard working and prosperous population. I could not allow that to happen again. If the military ever showed signs of recovery, I would introduce social engineering, fire their warrior leaders and put bobbing heads in their places.

It may take me a half-century or more, but by this time I will have you on the eve of destruction.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

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