Evil has no allies

But for evil, evil has no allies. It has only relationships of convenience. Acquaintances having in mind the same end. Ally with evil or misunderstand evil’s intent and evil will kill you too.

Framing something in a religious context these days causes eyes to roll, I know. It causes some to stop reading, and from others yet a level of expressed hatred bordering on psychopathic. But, it is where we are. I am OK with all of that because I am blessed to live in a country where you can be what you want to be – live the life you choose to lead, speak your mind – in the present time at least. There is a reason for that. With clutching finger tips we manage precariously to hold on to the American Spirit – it is a spirit whose foundation is God-given freedom. It is the tie that binds. The fabric of America. A founding principle shared by no other nation on earth. I do not believe there is another rational explanation for a country such as ours. When it comes to America, a nation so blessed by God, maybe it is correct in this one instance to pronounce “you did not build that.” God driven American Spirit did.

I do not know what drives you – what is in your heart. You might be an atheist offended at any mention of God or the display of any Christian symbol. Arguably atheism is its own religion. If only some Christians could exhibit such strong faith. You may be a homosexual activist who believes your choice to be homosexual trumps the freedom of religious expression. You may worship at the altar of self. Not uncommon in establishment Washington or Hollywood. You may be a member of some other religion, real or made up, who is offended by one thing or another or who feels excluded from a Christian culture. If you truly believe what you advocate for, that is your center. It is what is in your heart. That is your religion. It is what drives you. What you are least willing to give up and most willing to fight for.

You are free to be the person you choose to be and to express your thoughts on any of those fronts. Why do you think that is? Christianity is why. People came to this land to escape state imposed religions. Our nation began under the precept of God-given freedom. Our founders did not set out to eradicate religion or throw up some impenetrable barrier to it, but instead to ensure government could not impose one on the people. It is Christian underpinning, our Judeo-Christian culture, which led to a secular representative republic that guarantees our right to pursue our interests and beliefs whatever they might be and most certainly our religion. In your zeal, be careful you do not forfeit freedom or help destroy what brought freedom to you.

In America, we have differing groups of people vying for power. They are not seeking freedom, equality or however you choose to label it. They desire dominance. They look to oppress any view contrary to theirs. Every other view must be subservient to theirs. To achieve what they desire means an end to America. It means the death of the American Spirit. When America is gone, and the American spirit is only a wistful memory, there will be darkness across this world. Just observe what is happening now. As America pulls back, evil gains momentum and many die.

This past week we were told that the Islamic State is not Islamic. Likely to come as a surprise to them. As the non-Islamic Islamic State murders its way across Iraq and Syria and looks to debut in a neighborhood near you, the American response has been feckless at best. Islam is the antithesis of the American spirit. It demands that everyone become subservient to their religion. It demands that their law, Sharia, rule nations. All nations. The Islamic State does allow you the freedom to choose. You can choose their way, or death. A sad conclusion is that this absolute evil has the same end in mind as do some groups of people inside of America. They want the end of Christianity and removal of America’s Judeo-Christian influence, from America and from the world. They desire the death of the American Spirit.

The war we are in is timeless. It started at the beginning of time with Isaac and Ishmael. The evidence of that, Biblically and historically, is overwhelming. It continues this day and will continue until the end of time. The Islamic State has but one goal. The destruction of Israel, the Jews, and the Biblical extension of Israel – Christianity.

To accomplish their aim, they must kill the American Spirit. I have faith it will not happen on either front. The One I trust has a covenant with me. Jeremiah 31: 33-38.

From outside and inside America, the tactics may be different, but the goal is the same. The end of Israel and the end of America. If you share a goal with evil, know that evil has no allies. It will use you to achieve it aims then kill you too.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry American Journal

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