Fight the good fight

Well Sarah, whatever it is you have in mind certainly got off to a thunderous rolling start today. Until your true intentions are known, I will maintain a healthy measure of cynicism. When it comes to politicians, I do not think that I am alone there. In America, there is still much national gullibility. We drift toward the voice that tells us what we want to hear. We buy the packaged message then spend our days regretting the purchase. We trust that people who would lead our country are honest men and women and have our nation’s interests at heart. We have been too often burned. I give you the present day.

If you are not going to run the race, make it known soon. It is important, that you not become another figure who used Veterans as a springboard to self-enrichment, which is too often the case with the typical political class. Your legacy, if you do that, would not be good. You would fade into oblivion and Veterans would just harden their resolve that for politicians they remain little more than props.

I believe Sarah, that you understand that America is free for two basic reasons. The most enduring one is that the founders of our country, as they clearly proclaimed, relied on divine providence and declared that man’s freedom is God given. The second reason is that throughout our history, we have been blessed with courageous men and women willing to sacrifice themselves as guardians of that most precious gift from our Creator. There are more than 58 thousand souls represented on the Wall you visited today. More than one thousand of them remain unaccounted for. They never made it back home. It is most certain that we remain the home of the free because of the sacrifice of those brave souls and hundreds of thousands like them throughout our history. Politicians, like John Kerry, who now run our country labeled those brave souls who answered their country’s call to service in Vietnam as murderers. Americans very nearly put that charlatan in the Whitehouse too. Politicians sent heroes off to war in the jungles of Southeast Asia and then turned their backs on them until long after the war when supporting them became politically profitable. Those same people are destroying our military today one social engineering block at a time. But in a pinch, a good “gutty” bin Laden killing is great for ones political image.

Whether you announce your intentions soon or not, will buy you no favor in the national media. They profess to want you in the fight as bad as Max Baer wanted Jimmy Braddock. Jimmy had the spirit. He fought the good fight. They are painting you as a quitter. One who is apt to cut and run when the going gets tough. Certainly not a preferred presidential character trait. The attacks you endured in the Alaska state house will seem like the good ole days compared to what you face. You are by any measure the most media vetted non-candidate in history. If all candidates were vetted so thoroughly this discussion would not be necessary. There is probably not much left to dig up, but they will ravage your children. They want you to scurry away so they can completely bury you and along with you the hope of anyone else of American middle class origin that may have the audacity to try to be president. Besides, it has just become known that the president now shares with millions of middle class Americans, me included, Scots-Irish ancestry.

Remember the 08 campaign? You said the difference between a hockey mom and a pit bull is lipstick. Not long after, our now president said that you can put lipstick on a pig and it is still a pig. Everyone, except the media and timid “conservative” politicians knew where that insult was directed. Use your one nation tour to teach Americans that you can also put lipstick on communism, but it is still communism and communism kills. People and countries. Ask Americans why it is always wealthy liberals who chase communist ideals. A system where the wealthy remain so and to poor get poorer.

Establishment politicians, especially the many progressive Republicans who for years have hid behind the veil of Washington’s faux conservatism, will never support you. I think you know that too. The liberal media, which is the most of it, will continue to paint you as a moronic hockey mom. Just remember that you should never argue with idiots (who mostly comprise the liberal media), because they will just bring you down to their level. Do not make the mistake of believing that the Washington cocktail conservative crowd will support you either. I point directly to the punditry that one endures when watching Fox news.

If you are in it, remain true to the image you have built. Fight the good fight, finish the race, keep the faith.

2 Timothy 4:3-7

© 2011

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  1. Topremf

    Wow, well said JD, How about JD Pendry for president? I know you would have my support and represent my belief’s and social moray’s.

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