Free Lindsay

It is entertaining. Frightening, but still entertaining in a sick sort of way. That is, living in a country where our fate rests on whether we will be kicked to death by a herd of braying jackasses before we succumb to the antics of an errant herd of pachyderms. I do not wish to insult the animal kingdom or PETA, so to be clear it is political animals to which I refer. These beasts inhabit the District of Columbia and none of them were harmed in the production of this essay.

Other than being certain that we have the best Congress that special interest money can buy, we still wonder how they came to be in positions of power in a nation where the people supposedly get to choose their representatives in government.

Once you stop banging your forehead against the desktop, it is not too difficult to figure out why. Excluding cranial rectal inversion syndrome as the cause, we also have a unique ability to focus on the unimportant in America. The important stories in the news are Lindsay, Mel, Chelsea, Mrs. Sherrod, and the President is on The View. If that is what is in the news, it must be what is important. At least that is what is important to the Tingles Matthews branch of the American news media, which is most of it. They would prefer that you focus on such inanity rather than on the problems of the day. For if you learn about the real problems, their façade will begin to crumble. But, they know that a large majority of Americans still tune in to the Tingles news service nightly broadcasts and trust that they are getting what is important. The day the media discovered that it could drive the American conscience and affect political outcomes and then chose to follow that path, freedom was lost. Honest brokers of facts are hard to come by. Everyone has their biases. Even me. I have disdain for purposeful idiots and liars.

In the news, for example, Christians and Christianity are frequently beaten to death. Figuratively of course. Tingles et al will never challenge Islam in such a manner although it is the antithesis of all that they purport to stand for. For practitioners of Islam, it is not just a religion, it is the religion. No other allowed or tolerated. It brutalizes and subjugates women and executes homosexuals. It is their economic system. It is their law. But, what the heck. This is America. Let them build their monument to conquest at ground zero. Maybe I will go scout out a good location in Mecca to build a mega Christian Church. I am sure the religion of peace will understand my peaceful outreach. But wait, am I even allowed near Mecca?

Have you paid attention to what is happening in Afghanistan? Casualty rates are on the rise. I am missing that steady drumbeat from the Tingles news service lamenting the waste of lives. It proves a point. To them, and the politicians they promote, it was never about the lives of American Soldiers. Period. If it was, you would hear it louder now than ever. Afghanistan is the war they wanted, or so they said. Now we have the leaked secrets. Soon there will be revelations of government and political malfeasance. Then many will decide that we can no longer support a corrupt South Vietnamese Afghan government and Tingles media will start singing louder each day that is time to quit the fight. And we will sometime right after Walter Kronkite stands in a street in Kabul and declares the war is lost.

Has anyone heard whether Lindsay was paroled yet?


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