Freedom and Destiny

God gave it to all people. To all of her citizens, the Constitution of the United States of America guarantees it. That is what makes us an exceptional nation among all nations. We are the one country whose founding documents guarantee individual liberty. Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness….

Free will is the modus operandi of destiny. C. S. Lewis

God also gave us free will. It is why each of us is able to choose our way, right or wrong, good or evil – to determine our destiny. God will not direct our paths unless we allow it. That applies to individuals and nations. Through the exercise of our free will, as a people, we continue to move further away from God. Some of it is due to the pacifist attitude held by many Christians, including our pastors. Not so willing to fight the good fight. Most pastors diligently teach the Bible and preach the word trying to steer individuals. Where they are coming up short is that they are not warning the country of its destiny. Not confronting the people and organizations who want Christianity dead is an exercise of free will that will lead to the loss of a free nation. Just like the Black Robed Regiment of the American Revolution, America’s Christian pastors must lead this fight.

If the people and organizations who prefer the death of Christianity in America win, with what will we be left? A society not bound by any morality. A society that is not charitable toward its neighbors because the government will handle it. A society not bound by a sense of conscious. Observe our military that is being methodically reduced to a Godless social engineering test tube. Godless armies are also not bound by any sense of morality and conscious. One does not gain either from an Army field manual. That compass is set early in one’s life and reinforced by leadership holding a strong sense of both. That type of leadership is being purged from our military and what is left bows diligently. Throughout history, such armies are guilty of carrying out great atrocities before they and the nations they represent are ultimately destroyed.

In America, we have rights guaranteed to us by the law of our land. Over time, we created other “rights” and rules that do not appear in our Constitution. The question that most needs answered for Americans is where do these new rights stop?

Man made laws determined that women have a right to choose. As already explained, we did not need a law to enforce the free will ingrained in every human so the “right to choose” was not about choice at all. What we have to determine is does this new right to choose end at the point where the choice in question involves the possible taking of a life of an unborn child? If that “new” right does not end there, then why stop at unborn children, who under our primary law of the land have the right to life? Can I choose to take any life? If it is nothing more than a choice….

The law of our land grants me the right to keep and bear arms. Yet, I am confronted with many laws trying to alter or usurp that guaranteed right. Why should I ever have to register a weapon? I live in an open carry state. I can legally walk around with a visible side arm. But, if I want to put it in my pocket or otherwise conceal it so as not to frighten the timid, I am required to attend a certification course and purchase a permit. I require a certification to conceal it, but nothing to put in on my side and wear it around.

The law of the land guarantees my freedom of religion and religious expression. The problem encountered in this new world of ours is when exercise of those new found “rights” infringe upon my constitutionally guaranteed rights. Christian businesses are being forced to accept and support through their business homosexual marriage or close up shop. There are cases before the Supreme Court now challenging the government’s ability to force Christian employers to provide contraception and abortion coverage in their Affordable Care Act insurance plans.

The point of all of this is that people or governments can choose their way. Whatever the choice made, the choice ends at the point where it infringes upon my constitutionally guaranteed rights. Otherwise the constitution is meaningless and America is over.

I am assured the Supreme Court will sort this out. Not to worry that this is the body of politically rather than constitutionally driven humans that once endorsed slavery, said it is alright for women to choose to kill unborn children, and who’s sitting Chief Justice rewrote legislation to make it constitutional. In these hands rests the fate of our nation and the free exercise of religion. Good luck with that.

God help us.

© 2014

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