Freedom cannot be taken.

It can only be given away.

Have you ever thought about what is at the center of your life? What it is that you are most willing to fight for? What drives your actions every single day? On what does your personal foundation rest? These are personal questions for each individual and shared ones for all who call themselves Americans.

If you have heard this once you have heard it hundreds of times, but it warrants repeating. Nations built on utopian ideals driven by Marxism, socialism, communism, atheism, and otherwise Godless dictatorships fail. While in existence, they provide only misery for their populations and their failures are often spectacular. The cost to the people who give away their freedoms to these man-made schemes is generally measured in death and typically millions of deaths.

Looking around the land of the free, I frankly do not hear a lot of interest in preserving America as the place our forefathers sought out in order to escape religious persecution and a place from which the light of freedom could shine for the rest of the world. In case you have not noticed, that light is flickering a bit. Pray that it does not become a wisp of smoke in the next edition of The Annals of the World.

No. Instead I see people with large megaphones telling me what is at their center. Telling me what is important to them and should therefore be important to me. Telling me to shut up because what I believe is somehow a roadblock to them having what they want. Rarely do I hear them proclaiming that because of what this great nation stands for, or once stood, they are able to have their megaphone to broadcast self-serving messages even if it is at the expense of the whole. Sadly they are driven by ideology and men that if successful will take away what it is they proclaim to want most. Useful idiots.

What defines you? Which voice will be the loudest one that ultimately defines and decides the fate of our country? Is it homosexuality, material wealth, skin color, ethnicity, atheism, abortion, social justice…. These are the voices I hear most each day – all demanding to be recognized for who they are and what they believe. The media likes to call them the defining issues of our day. Distressingly. Do any of these define you? Is one of them the mindset that rests at your center and the one for which you are most willing to fight? Is one of these the corner-stone of your foundation? If so one day you are likely to suffer the fate of nations also built on shaky foundations.

I am no holier than thou. I am a man and like other men I am prone seek out what is important to me first before giving much thought to where that leads. That is our nature. I am working at doing better. Nowadays, it is often more comfortable to actually keep ones mouth shut. Doing so avoids the ire others. Unfortunately, silence is complicit and it only aids the further destruction of what we have that is good – a nation that still shines the light of freedom to a largely not free world. It is too bad that freedom’s light is being replaced with the choice of compact fluorescent light bulbs or is it light tubes?

Our country was founded on God-given freedom. Nothing less. That is our national foundation and we have been giving it away bit by bit for many years. You are allowed to choose what it is that defines you and how you live your life as long as it does not infringe on the rights of others. You are not allowed to demand that I embrace your views or how you choose to live your life. You do not have a right to have anyone support you. How a man chooses to use what he earns is between him and God, not between him and Washington plutocrats. Loving my neighbor does not mean embracing his behavior or life style choices. Yet, without fail, I hear it every day. You Christians need to stop trying to cram your morality down my throat. You evil rich people (I am neither – evil or rich.) need to share the wealth. If you are not clear on how this works, let me explain it for you. Christians do not force anyone to do anything. You come to Christ by your own free will and choice in the same manner that you chose to be an atheist, homosexual or sadly to abort a baby. Otherwise being Christian will not work out for you. Choice cannot be said for some of these other things that rest at the centers of men or for the so-called religion of peace that is given pass in this politically correct country with suicidal ideations.

In our free country my tax dollars are given to Planned Parenthood, (founded by Margaret Sanger the racist proponent of eugenics) our nation’s largest abortion provider to help pay for abortions of unborn children. My religious beliefs do not support abortion and there are no caveats. The baby residing in the womb is the most innocent life. Forcing me to pay for its death has always been an infringement on my first amendment rights. Passing rules insisting that people violate the tenets of their religion also violates the establishment clause of the first amendment, because it is by such action that the state effectively establishes a religion. Sorry, does not work for me. My view is quite simple. Laws of men permit a woman to kill her unborn child. Laws of men should not require me to pay for it. Period.

Right now, in the military, people are afraid for their careers if they express their deeply held religious beliefs concerning homosexuality – even Chaplains. The day will come when Chaplains are required to perform homosexual marriages, not allowed, required. These men and women of faith will have to choose serving the men and women of the Armed Services, something most of them dearly love, or remaining true to their faith. Chaplains who are often asked to provide invocation for functions are asked to not pray in the name of Jesus Christ. Army Chaplains were prohibited by the Army’s Chief of Chaplains from reading a letter to their congregations from the Catholic Archbishop for the Military Services about the administration’s policy that forces Catholic (this should be read as all religions) to cover contraception, sterilizations and the abortion pill in their medical insurance coverage offered to their employees.

All of these things are examples of the government stepping all over our most basic freedom of religion. Maybe you say that it is no skin off your nose. You would be one of those useful idiots. If government, who through activist courts have repeatedly hindered religious freedom, is allowed to continue then no right is safe. No right. Even the corrupt and complicit media now abusing their first amendment rights will lose that. Will they then offer only glowing commentary of dear leader? Sure they will because it will be their only choice.

Choose your foundation wisely.

I will show you what he is like who comes to me and hears my words and puts them into practice. He is like a man building a house, who dug down deep and laid the foundation on rock. When a flood came, the torrent struck that house but could not shake it, because it was well built. But the one who hears my words and does not put them into practice is like a man who built a house on the ground without a foundation. The moment the torrent struck that house, it collapsed and its destruction was complete. –Luke 6:47-49 (NIV)

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