Freedom or Communism

Have you watched what is happening in Ukraine? Do you reckon we can call it a Ukrainian spring? A people well acquainted with communist utopia and dictators are willing to the point of putting their lives on the line to recapture their new found freedom. They experienced enough quasi-American style freedom to most assuredly know that risking being shot by a government (homeland security) sniper is worth it to retain the most basic God given gift to humankind. Sadly, here in the land that once stood for the world as the shining example for freedom and individual liberty we are giving it away hand over fist and often with applause and enthusiasm directed toward the man who would rule us with his “pen and phone” by executive fiat.

Is there an American spring brewing? I hear tell, but will Americans actually occupy the streets of Washington and remain there in sufficient numbers until the criminal element destroying our country is gone? Are there people in Homeland Security (like the Patriot Act, Homeland is one of the biggest mistakes Americans ever allowed) or in our Armed Forces who will willingly turn their weapons against American citizens who only want to stand guardian over our God given freedom. Federal agencies have certainly purchased enough ammunition to fight a protracted war. What exactly do they intend to defend? With whom do they expect war? If Americans have to resort to massive civil disobedience to save freedom will the twits at the New York Times, over at NBC, CBS, ABC, CNN or NPR call us “Freedom Fighters” as they do the Middle Eastern terrorists?

And, what exactly are the people we elected to defend our hallowed “law of the land” that guarantees our freedom doing about the communist power grab orchestrated from the White House and United States Senate? Pardon the language, but from my perspective not a damn thing! They believe rather that the best approach is courting identity groups whether it is the homosexual agenda, the pro death agenda, or defending the “rights” of illegal immigrants. They have lost touch with the only identity group that matters. The American identity group. The group that embraces America and her guaranteed freedom and individual liberty and the idea that through desire and hard work the American Dream can be achieved. Although the smothering affect of communism is putting it further beyond reach of the average American while it destroys the middle class. The middle class is the American backbone without which we become Ukraine or some third world hell hole where only the super wealthy like a Soros or Buffet and the political elite that has built personal wealth at the expense of the citizenry (the real one per-centers) have all of the wealth. The rest of us then doomed to serfdom. Once the world’s most affluent and strong middle class is reduced to nothing more than a wretched collection of humanity wholly dependent on government to provide life’s most basic necessities of food, shelter and yes health care.

Where are you Congress? You who are sworn to defend the document that guarantees our freedom? Either you are so out of touch you are oblivious to what is happening or you are complicit. It can only be one or the other. If the first is true you are either stupid or incompetent or a deadly combination of both. Either way, it is a tossup over who is the greater threat to freedom – the communists or you. In my eyes, if you refuse to fight and if you are not openly and vigorously opposing the destruction of our country the default position is that you are for it. Waiting for Americans to bail you out in the next election is not a strategy to defeat communism. Americans are at a breaking point and will not sit idly while you perform as a privileged albeit impotent place holder focused on self-survival rather than national survival.

When I hear senior military leaders telling the troops they must adapt to the new values, new thinking and the new reality, I also question what new values? What new thinking? What new reality? Is it the values that classify Christianity as extreme? The new thinking that demands that one not speak their true beliefs. And what is the new reality? Is it the acceptance of communism?

America if not already dead is dying. America the idea. The exceptional nation. In the history of the world, the only one founded on the principle of God-given freedom and as a guarantor of individual liberty. Are we prepared to forfeit that for a communist utopia? Are you?

The light of freedom that has beamed across the world from the shores of this nation is growing dim. The flame is being snuffed out by communism and a collection of Washington incompetents unwilling to pick up the banner of freedom and charge headlong into battle against it. When the American idea and spirit of freedom are gone from this world, darkness will replace it.

Whatever the cost of preserving freedom, each American whether politician or common citizen must look in the mirror and decide if we are ready to pay that price.

©2013 J. D. Pendry

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