Freedom’s Guardians

Often, I have been called a cup half empty man. Maybe I do see the downside. Whether you see that as good or not depends totally on how you see the world. I am an American, born and bred. Freedom is my birthright. I arrived in this world with a full cup.

Today is Veteran’s Day. Formerly it was Armistice Day, the day marking the end of World War I. The ceasefire starting on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month was to be the end of the war to end all wars or so it was proclaimed. It was a war America and her Army was wholly unprepared for. From practically the ground up we had to raise, house, equip and train a force. A seasoned regular Army of any significance did not exist. Some of those necessities were not accomplished on American soil. In haste to get reinforcements to Europe, many Americans boarded the ships not fully trained. The plan was to complete training in Europe where many of them would fire a weapon for the first time. It certainly can be argued that the Germans had the best Army in the fight and were ultimately defeated because they could not match the reinforcements constantly arriving from America. They were defeated, but probably more accurately they were overwhelmed. I recall a Veteran’s cemetery atop the Koenigstul in Heidelberg Germany that is filled with teenagers not yet 18 years old.

Throughout our nation’s history, Americans whether conscript or volunteer have served as the guardians of our American birthright. Fast forward to the present day and you will still find highly dedicated Americans who want to remain guardians of freedom.

For the first time last night I watched the Republican presidential debates. I may look in again if there is a further thinning of the herd. Among those on the stage is the one who may pick up the mantle as a guardian of our freedom. The job of all presidents for much too long not wholly fulfilled. If our country survives intact until January 2017, and there are days when I seriously ponder that question, we must have a leader who is an unwavering guardian of our birthright, our Constitution, and the rights it guarantees all Americans. Such a guardian has been absent from Washington for many years and never has the light shined brighter on that complete failure than it has in these recent years.

The Veterans honored today have stood valiantly around the world against tyranny and the enemies of freedom. The progressive/communist movement inside our country has gone unchallenged for a decade or more. Looking at the recent progressive shopping list, they are dangerously close to their holy grail – taking away gun rights. Washington’s politicians are focused on their political aspirations, self-enrichment, the political party and practically everything under the sun except their sworn duty to protect and defend the Constitution.

Americans serving in the Armed Services cannot battle the internal threat to our birthright. That is the duty of every citizen including the Washington politicians we supposedly sent there for that purpose. Presently, a majority of Americans do not feel represented in Washington. One of the basic reasons for the American Revolution was an oppressive, non-representative, over-taxing government. It looks to me like we are nearly at the point where we began.

Do you truly want to honor Veterans? Get involved. Take your civic duty seriously. Demand the preservation of your birthright. Send citizen servants to Washington. Rid our country of career politicians who are corrupt to the core. Give the armed guardians of our birthright the citizen support and leadership they deserve.

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