Gotham players present another American tragedy

For 20 years, a Chinese spy was driving Miss Feinstein. He also represented her at Chinese Consulate functions. This happened while she was chair of the Senate Intelligence Committee. She also lobbied for China and helped the Chinese get favored trade status. Her husband benefitted financially from sweet Chinese business deals. Like most Congressional lifers, she’s as corrupt as the day is long.

Sen. Dianne Feinstein’s Ties To China Go Way Deeper Than An Alleged Office Spy

If you look up Washington Establishment, her picture is probably there. These people are famous for getting wealthy off the backs of Americans. They or their families are world champion inside traders buying or selling stock based on knowledge of big government contracts or law changes that benefit certain corporations. Then like Feinstein they end up with net worth and mansions worth many millions. Like the remainder of the super wealthy they push big government and socialist ideals. They push programs like single payer healthcare knowing full well the wealthy will always have access to good private healthcare. They hate the idea of new trade deals. With those, they lose out on sweetheart deals for the family.

The Washington establishment if full of tired, old, and crooked politicians. I don’t care whether they are jack asses or pachyderms, they all sip drinks together when the cameras are off. It’s a bad soap opera. Just when something good is about to happen, they’ll figure out how to crap on it. They send young people off to war and then figure out how to keep them there forever. Don’t ever believe that it’s only Clinton and Biden who think we are deplorable and the society’s dregs. Those two were just arrogant and stupid enough to say it in public. If any of us committed even a partial of what Clinton has, as they say around here, they’d jack the jailhouse up and throw us under it. Joe Handsy Biden? There are enough photos on the Internet of him fondling women and children to have him locked up and they get their drawers in a twist over something that may or may not have happened between two teenagers 36 years ago. Makes you want to go wash. From Chuck Schumer to Mitch McConnel to Nancy Pelosi to Mad Maxine Waters to Paul Ryan they’re all cartoon characters straight out of Gotham. I don’t know what bothers me more. That these people are actually in positions of power in our country or that we as a collective people are stupid enough to keep sending them back there.

I know, I know. You hate Trump. He beat Hillary, said some nasty things about women and had consensual dalliances with women not his wife. Well, Hillary is a crook and he never paid for those liaisons with 17 million dollars of taxpayer money. As far as I and the special counsel can find, he was never accused of raping anyone. We heard that high unemployment was the new normal, that millions of lost jobs were never coming back, that hitting a 3 percent GDP growth was not going to happen. The stock market is up, your retirement portfolio is up, unemployment is nil, black and Hispanic unemployment are at record lows, taxes are down, but you’d give all of that back just to have Hillary. Please seek counseling for that is proof of mental illness.

Don’t you remember what Handsy Joe Biden and crew tried to do to Justice Clarence Thomas. Following what they and Chappaquiddick Ted Kennedy did to Judge Robert Bork, it is the most despicable moment in our nation’s history. Handsy Joe was in charge of the Committee then too. Now the same cabal of Washington lunatics and well-paid criminals are trying to do the same to Judge Brett Kavanaugh. The sad part – there are Americans cheering this soap opera with characters in it the likes of Spartacus Booker. Do you know their fear? That it may someday be up to their state whether they can continue their infanticide and willy nilly kill unborn children.

Lord help us. I have to stop getting up so early in the morning.

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