Gravy and biscuits

Suzie-Q had an early morning medical test. She was not allowed to eat or drink anything since the evening before robbing her of her usually warm morning disposition. When the test finished, I took her to breakfast. I sat there at the table sipping my coffee pondering the plate filled with food the waitress sat in front of me. Over easy eggs, home fries, sausage links, gravy and biscuits. I would need to research to be certain, but I believe there is a law here in Wild and Wonderful declaring if it does not include gravy and biscuits it is not breakfast. I believe the same law also bans granola from all points west of the eastern panhandle. If not, it should.

I put some butter and apple butter on the biscuits then covered them with gravy. Then I covered the home fries with gravy. Since there was still some gravy in the bowel, I covered my gravy with some more gravy. I winced a little when Suzie-Q squirted ketchup on the plate beside her hash browns confounded about where she might have picked up such a horrid habit.

Any of those things sitting alone on the plate would not be a very good breakfast, but when combined brother, you have to mainline the lard straight into your arteries to beat it.

Fried bologna (baloney here) is also a staple. At one popular eating place you can get fried baloney sandwiches. The menu fittingly calls it “The Politician.”

For the first time, probably in our state’s history, we have a Republican controlled state congress. We are becoming a right to work state in a place with a history of gunfights erupting for crossing union picket lines. Common core is being blown up. As of this week, anyone one 21 years of age or older may carry a concealed handgun without a permit. We have always been an open carry state, but some people get a little nervous around exposed side arms. There is some concern, but when you get right down to it the bad people have always illegally carried concealed handguns. Now, they may just think twice. And, if I only want to carry inside the state I do not have to pay the permit fee (tax) to exercise a constitutional right. I will continue to pay the permit fee so that I can carry in reciprocal states.

It does not surprise me that the Republican establishment, led by former presidential election losers, is plotting to take the political party’s nomination away from the people’s choice. It just surprises me they are so brazen about it including the self-proclaimed political puritans who state they will not vote for the choice of the people unless it is who they prefer solidifying their place in the I am smarter than you elitist snobocracy. So they should go back to writing smug commentary in magazines that the common American does not read and talking on radio programs that most working Americans do not have time to listen to.

For all I know, it is divine intervention that is awakening Americans to the antics of the typical tyrannical and corrupt Washington politician. Even more so, Americans are coming to realize that these men and women of bought and paid for political power only have interest in maintaining the status quo with an in your face approach. And they believe Americans will do as they traditionally have for decades – sit on the sidelines and watch the further destruction of our country and freedom. To their chagrin American are not sitting this one out. Instead, they are adding the final ingredient to the recipe for revolution presented to them.

Did you ever have a fried apple biscuit followed by a hot and gooey cinnamon bun? It just tops off the perfect breakfast.

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