Half-staff, whole heart

By Dee Armstrong.

It’s Memorial Day, and we will pray. No parade, no party, no fun at the beach.

We raised our flag on its 20-foot pole this morning and lowered it to half-staff. That simple action brought tears to my eyes because I know just what it represents.

My fellow American Journal bloggers, Kelleigh and J.D., have said it all. This is a day for remembrance, for reflection, for prayer. I too pray for the future of this great nation, and thank God for those who lived—and died—for our Republic and its founding principles. I pray this great experiment in self-governing is sustained, with victory over all its enemies within and without.

Since Kelleigh and J.D have said it all, I’ll make this brief.

We will spend some moments at our local cemetery, walking quietly to each grave with an American flag, and thank those who have served and left this nation in our hands, to preserve what they lived for and died for.

God bless America and all who have lived and died for our freedom.

Be safe, stay informed, and thanks for reading!

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