Happy 2014

It is 2014. It seems like only yesterday we had the Y2K hysteria. We transitioned seamlessly from that to the global warming hysteria. Over recent years, we have endured our share of faux crises with each accompanied by politician generated hysteria. The new brand of politics that is running rampant through the hallowed halls of Washington lives by the motto of never letting a good crisis go to waste. Even if you have to invent the crisis.

I am not a political prognosticator, although I did predict that Mr. Mitt Romney would take a whoupin in the general election once again highlighting what we have come to expect from pastel establishment Republicanism. Neither am I falling into the trap of thinking the Democrats will be swept from power in the mid-term elections. For the simple reason that the controlling establishment Republicans prefer back room deals and cigars and scotch to a street fight to preserve the soul of America. So I do not expect morning in America to arrive January 2015. If there is not a drastic turn around it will more likely be the sun setting on freedom. Communism is not going to roll over and play dead.

But, cheer up. It is not all gloom and doom. I believe this will be a year most remembered in American history. Americans, the vaunted middle-class that every politician swears to protect, are awakening to the fact that problems are not solved by Washington politicians. They are solved by working Americans.

Americans only see internecine warfare in Washington. One collection of politicians is hell bent to change America into a communist controlled socialist state because they believe they are smarter than the all of the communists who have failed at it throughout history. This is why we should not be shocked that an ornament with Mao Se Teung’s image appeared on a Christmas tree inside the Whitehouse. Then there is the collection of career politicians who believe that over time everything will get back to the Washington normal of back scratching and back rooms deals that fattens their personal wealth. They have not awakened to the fact that the Communists do not play that way. It is this collection of the political ruling class that sides with old Washington and the new Communists in agreeing that it is the Tea Party that is dangerous. The unspoken is dangerous for them, good for America.

This is the year Americans push back against an unlawful ruling class that is making a shambles of our Constitution and destroying the American dream they claim to want for all. Problem is their American dream does not jive with my American dream, or the dream of anyone who has had to work for a living.

What has been foisted upon Americans over recent years is the great shopping list of the progressives. At the very top is wealth redistribution that is also the heart and soul of Obamacare. Americans will soon learn the dirty little secret of modern day Communist wealth redistribution. It may not be what cheerleaders believe it is and it will be a hard lesson. Let me explain it a little. Look around the financial pages these days and you will discover that billionaires the likes of Warren Buffet, who pays less taxes than his secretary, and George Soros, famous Nazi collaborator and currency speculator who thinks we need a controlled decline in America, are unloading their enormous stock holdings hand over fist. They know the Federal Reserve money spigot that has been pumping dollars into the market is about to dry up. What that means for us out here in the real Middle America is a market that rose rapidly and artificially is headed for a fall of epic proportions. Couple that with Washington generated debt and coming inflation that will make the Jimmy Carter era look like and economic boom and what do you get? Your retirement savings, your fixed income annuity and Social Security? Practically worthless. Modern day Communist wealth redistribution destroys the middle class and increases the wealth of the already super wealthy. Wealth redistribution defined. From me to George Soros to the pockets of the politicians he owns – in Congress and the Whitehouse. The new circle of life in America.

What will happen when Americans who have worked their entire lives, have dutifully paid their taxes, planned their retirements suddenly awaken to the horrifying thought that it is all gone. And not gradually, but in an instant. I believe Americans will fill the streets of our cities and the little dust up in Greece will look in comparison like a rowdy celebration after a college football game. It is then that Americans will learn why the Department of Homeland Security bought billions of rounds of ammunition and why they have armored military vehicles….

Welcome to gulag America, once the land of the free. Oh, and happy 2014.

© 2014

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