Happy tax day

Half of us pay no taxes. The other half of us pays all of the taxes. The wealthiest among the half of us who pay taxes, pays most of the half. This does not necessarily include Presidential tax model Warren Buffett who is battling the IRS for the billion that he owes in taxes. Gee, must not I conclude that Warren’s poor down-trodden secretary must owe more. It is all so confusing, but we are talking about the U.S. tax code.

If you drive a car, I’ll tax the street,
If you try to sit, I’ll tax your seat.
If you get too cold I’ll tax the heat,
If you take a walk, I’ll tax your feet.

Don’t ask me what I want it for
If you don’t want to pay some more
‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
The Beatles – Taxman

The tune could be modernized some. Maybe Paul McCartney and Rush Limbaugh can partner in producing an updated version. Nah, Rush does not need him.

If you breathe in, I’ll tax the air you exhale,
‘Cause I’m the carbon taxman.
Welcome to hell

If that is not enough to ruin the beginning of a week here in the land of the free, I just learned that the most important women in my life have never worked a single day. In liberal speak, this means they have made no significant contributions to our society. Or perhaps better stated, no significant contributions toward the destruction of our society.

My Mother stayed home. I left for school with breakfast in my belly, instead of counting on some program at school to feed me. I did not have a lot of clothes, but what I had was clean. Sometimes patched, but always cleaned. I knew what time to be in for supper, as did my siblings. We all turned out fine. We worked, served our country, paid the taxman and ultimately raised our own families in like fashion. My wife stayed home except for her volunteer work and the times when she made her world-famous egg rolls and delivered them to Soldiers standing guard posts. She raised our son while I Soldiered. Today he is successful and I have two beautiful granddaughters. I also have a super-star daughter-in-law who chose to delay a promising teaching career to nurture her daughters through the most important developmental years for children. I am betting they will do the same someday.

I heard one addle-brained liberal on a talk radio program proclaim these are not real women because they have never earned a paycheck. He went on, note I said he, to imply that if they do not work outside the home they cannot possibly comprehend the country’s economic situation. Men, fes up. Who controls the budget in your home? The woman, who dutifully pays the ever increasing electric bill, fills up the mini-van and buys the groceries also with steadily increasing prices. Unless she is one of the 46 million on a government assistance program, like food stamps, she is well informed about the speed at which our economy is traveling southbound.

Families anchor our society. They are its most important piece. A true corner-stone. Stay home Mothers anchor the family and therefore anchor America. When the family is destroyed, society will breakdown. Check inner-city America. In my often too cynical mind, I believe the communists who hope to destroy our country realize that. Thus their attempt to shame American mothers out of the house is just one more approach to accompany the homosexual agenda and free condoms in public schools.

Do you find it interesting that all of our societal ails are coming to light during what might be America’s most defining year since 1776? A clear choice divinely presents itself for us. We have a cabal that is working feverishly to push us toward being an international Mecca of utopianism – a global existence with no boundaries, no culture, no language, no God, no traditional family and no America. At least not a recognizable America.

Sadly, the people who buy into this pap being pushed by rabid anti-Americans have likely never traveled more than a few miles beyond the city block that is their world. Generally a world that is the product of liberalism – like Detroit. Anything sounds better to them than what they see every day. It is the standard con game played on a national level – a promise of something for nothing. They are paying with their freedom and they are too indoctrinated by the promises and proclamations of the con men to even know that much.

Before you discount America’s greatness, Exceptionalism and positive influence on the rest of the world go spend a large chunk of your life in other countries. Live in Europe or Asia and then come home and tell me with a straight face that America is a racist country. Visit the red light district of Amsterdam and come back and tell me that is what you want for your America and your children. If that is what you want, then this is what you will realize.

‘Cause I’m the taxman, yeah, I’m the taxman
And you’re working for no one but me

Then you can call me a rabid anti-American.


2 Replies to “Happy tax day”

  1. jomojava

    If only those Anne-Romney-stay-at-home-moms would leave the house and work real jobs, they could then pay their fair share of taxes and save the country. 🙂

  2. Rob of Arabia

    Buffet is a baffoon. Glad to hear the Senate tossed out the nonsense tax increase last night. Of course, “Dingey” Harry Reid was out in front railing against the Republicans protecting the rich while the Democrats were collecting donations from the worst tax evaders from CA ($500,000 by Pamela Anderson, $1MM by Lionel Richie and $10MM by CNET founder Halsey Minor).

    Maybe we should implement a 100% tax on hypocrisy. This might solve a lot of our problems…

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