Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your Freedom

By J. D. Pendry

“Hell Yes, we’re going to take your AR-15, Your AK-47.” Presidential candidate Robert Francis O’Rourke

Robert Francis O’Rourke meant to say take away your freedom.  Not take away your Armalite Rifle (AR) 15.  Your weapon of war.  Robert might be surprised to know my Army basic combat training Drill Sergeants, all recent Vietnam Combat Veterans, taught me that every piece of equipment I carried was a potential weapon of war with which to kill the enemy complete with demonstrations.  Are you coming for my entrenching tool (shovel) next?

For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Jeremiah 29:11

People, mostly politicians offer promises of hope and visions of a utopian future.  False hope mostly, but collectively we Americans are proven slow learners.  It’s false hope because it’s always proven fallacious, but usually after Americans bought it hook, line and sinker.  False hope through misleading promises always leaves us problems more serious than the problem we hoped to solve.  Will gun control or gun confiscation under whatever misnomer make us safer?  Or will it leave us defenseless in our homes and in public?  Or will it leave us defenseless against a tyrannical government?  The very purpose for the 2nd Amendment.  Did prohibition make us sober or safer?  Nope.  It only created a highly profitable bootlegging black market for the likes of Al Capone.  Then it was repealed and everyone got drunk legally.  So, when they come to take our guns is the offered hope of safety the goal?  Hell no, O’Rourke, it isn’t.  The goal is to remove our means of protecting ourselves and the ability to defend our God-given and Constitutionally guaranteed freedom all under the pretext of making us safer.

There’s lots of false hope spread around.  Sugar candy for the ignorant.  Free Medicare for all.  Do you know what that means?  Every working person my age was government forced into Social Security and Medicare.  We paid for it all of our working lives to cover the senior citizens of our time.  What’s next Comrade Sanders?  A social security check for everyone?  Yang has a plan I hear.  Bottom line, it takes away every American’s freedom to choose.  That’s the goal comrade.  Isn’t it?  By the way comrade, while you contemplate taking away my healthcare only to be followed by my Social Security check and probably military pension, how was it that you became a millionaire owning multiple homes while never holding a job other than civil service.  Your role model Karl Marx was a bum also.

Open borders will make us more diverse and vibrant.  We’ll end racism.  No, not really, but we will end America.  The actual goal.

The biggest false hope.  The most dangerous.  Most of us do not believe that loss of freedom is a possibility.  Not in America.  Let me run this by you?  Do not believe that every member of the United States Armed Forces will stand by their oaths to support and defend the Constitution of the United States regarding the right to keep and bear arms and protection against illegal search and seizure.  Always remember.  Presidents decide who the flag officers are.  The men and women that command the major elements of the military.  Their influence ripples down from the Commander in Chief through the chain of command.  Many will obey a command to knock on your door and confiscate weapons accompanied by your local, in some cases sanctuary state, police forces.

Just as man cannot give you integrity, dignity, courage, your values or cannot determine whether you live honorably, neither can he give you freedom.

It is for freedom that Christ has set us free. Stand firm, then, and do not let yourselves be burdened again by a yoke of slavery. Galatians 5:1

As Americans, we can continue as the guardians of freedom or our citizenry can submissively slip the yoke of slavery around its neck.

Freedom cannot be taken.  It can only be forfeited.  We must stand firm.

© 2019 J. D. Pendry, J. D. Pendry’s American Journal, All Rights Reserved

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3 Replies to “Hell Yes, We’re Going to Take Your Freedom”

  1. Alicia Sigee

    Gun control is a touchy conversation, I can see the side of protection, but we have some crazy going on in the USA. How do we combat the gun situation???? But as a country there needs to be some conversation and action to cut down on the destruction that guns are causing in our communities. I can speak from the view of the poor communities, and it is not always about protection-more so slaughter. How do you explain the slaughters that we are having in our communities? Something, not sure what has to happen to decrease the number of gun violence incidents. Although I live in the Big State of Texas where we freely pack, it is not the wild wild west(south). Gun control is a must.

    1. JD Pendry Post author

      Just two points to ponder Dr. A.: First, the original purpose of the 2nd Amendment and its purpose now is so an armed population can defend itself against a government gone wrong. That would be a government willing to strip away our Constitutionally guaranteed rights and with it the freedom all too many take for granted. Secondly of all the proposed gun control laws, restrictions, and bans none would not get the guns out of the hands of criminals. And it is criminals responsible for the weekly mass shootings in places like Chicago with the most strict gun restrictions. They would only create more law-abiding victims.

      We don’t have a gun problem in America. We have a Godless, morally deficient cultural problem.

  2. Kelleigh Nelson

    They hate freedom and liberty, they hate the Constitution, written by men who escaped the chains of government. These people are communists, and no one even understands what that means in America anymore. China funds our colleges and universities, a communist regime sending our colleges money. They’ve bought up our land, they even bought the Waldorf Astoria hotel. Our children are taught that Columbus was evil, that our founders were all horrible racists, that everything good is now bad, everything black is white, and that is the generation who will continue to murder the unborn, the born, and the elderly. If Americans don’t soon wake up, it’s over…the grand experiment in freedom was taken over by the commies…and that started 100 years ago.

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