Heroes and Frauds

He should run for President. The fraud trying to pretend he is an Army Sergeant Major. View the video. You old Soldiers can have a good laugh before you get angry. I Salute the two young Marines who had the backbone to call out this fraud. They did the right thing, but it sure would have been nice if they had left him there naked. Or better yet dropped his sorry rear end off dressed like that in the middle of Fort Bragg or Fort Stewart where he claimed to be from.

The first time I glanced at his brass, Officer’s Brass by the way, I thought I saw the crossed Harpers Ferry pistols of the Military Police Branch, but after clearing the fog from my eyes and focusing a little closer on the fuzzy picture it was clear that he was wearing the Crossed Rifles of the Infantry. Still, Officer’s Brass on an Enlisted Man’s uniform. He was covered up with badges too. In the fuzzy picture, I was sure I saw a Special Operations tab, Airborne wings, Combat Infantryman’s Badge. He had a Bronze Star Medal with a “V’ device on it, but he did not know which one it was. One of the Marines pointed it out for him. His name tag said Davis, but that was probably fake too.

The percentage of Americans who actually serve or have served in the United States Armed Forces is small, very small. In the single percentile. They represent our nation’s most important one-per centers. Of those that served, the percentage of them who are Combat Veterans is even smaller. The number who is awarded a Combat Medal for Valor is smaller yet. Add to that the numbers of those reaching the highest enlisted rank in their branch of service are so small as to be infinitesimal. And, if you can grasp it, the number decreases even more when you add the Special Operations tab. This is what makes this fraud even more disgusting. This bonehead was so ate up he could not have even been in an Oliver Stone movie. If you are going to be a fraud at least do a tiny bit of homework. Not required however, if you are pretending to be a politician.

The average citizen encountering this sub-human piece of excrement may never know that he was talking to a fraud. A considerate American may even thank him for his service. Thank the one who had the audacity to pretend to serve, but sorely lacked the guts to actually serve. I surely hope someone identified him. Every person must know who these frauds are. I wish him no physical harm, but anyone who knows him or sees him must know what level of scum he is. Someday he may otherwise take his phony war record and run for President like hero John Kerry – and some Mall-Americans would vote for him while toting free-Palestine signs.

Here in America, we have proved that with a little theatrical direction and a teleprompter a complete fraud can rise to the highest office in the land so why not a fake Sergeant Major Infantry Officer Military Policeman war hero with tinted glasses and scraggly whiskers. Why not?

For the heroes who have gone before us and who right now stand in the gap between us and destruction, God bless you and yours. May this country always provide to you and your families the support you need and deserve. For the pretend Sergeants Major out there may you someday encounter a real one. Each one of us owes it to the troops to turn your hind end into a shoe shine factory.

Carry on.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

One Reply to “Heroes and Frauds”

  1. ptco911

    I too salute the two young marines that called out this fraud. Of course when there is a fraud masquerading as the Commander in Chief and his view of our military it is no surprise.

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