By Steve Briscoe

I’ve been quiet for the past couple of months.  Not sure why but it may be because I’m overwhelmed with a desire to hide from the stupidity; it’s everywhere.  My wife prefers I do not use the word “stupid,” but sometimes it is the only word that accurately describes the circumstance.  Here are just a few inconsistencies that provide a foundation for my premise.

1 – A contingent of citizens rant over the use of mice to test drugs meant to enhance human life and consider the practice inhuman, but these same people applaud the right to end the life of an unborn child for the sake of convenience.  Which has more worth – an unborn child with untold potential or a mouse that many would prefer to see with its neck snapped in two via an old fashioned and very cruel and lethal mouse trap?

2 – Members of Congress tried every legal loophole imaginable to read the un-redacted “Mueller Report” claiming they had a right to know (even though federal law dictates otherwise), but these same politicians, prior to voting it into law, refused to read “Obama’s Trillion Dollar Stimulus Package,” (actually the package cost the taxpayer around $831 billion, but add interest to the loan and it exceeds 1 Trillion).  This would be the same stimulus package that required the multi-million dollar payments to a multitude of default company CEOs. This stimulus was meant to create jobs; it did in fact create 3 million jobs.  Do the math – each job cost the tax payer $266,000 (using $800M as an overall cost).  That was in 2009.  Fast forward to 2012 and the number of sustained jobs dropped to 600,000 which, recalculating the math, cost the taxpayer $1.3M each – in 2013 that number dropped again to 400,000 costing $2.0M per job.  The only thing this package provided, to no less than 3 generations, is the responsibility to pay the debt (and interest) on the money borrowed.  Utter failure.

3 – The left rants about the antics of conservatives, but ignore the same antics demonstrated proudly by the left.  i.e. Trump’s alleged antics vs Clinton’s antics proven to be true in a court of law.  Not saying President Trump is as clean as the wind driven snow; I am saying there is a seriously tilted double standard.  Investigations prove, through Hillary’s actions, thousands of classified emails were potentially accessed by enemies of this country, and she lied about it.  She was given the right to run for President.  Check google for the number of service members harshly disciplined, and even discharged, after the inadvertent mishandling of a single classified email.  Documented facts layout the plan used by the Democratic Party to oust Bernie Sanders from the presidential run in 2016, but these same democrats spent millions investigating a made-up plan of Russian interference during the same election, claiming the interference as the main reason President Trump won the election.

4 – A contingent rants endlessly about the alleged lies told by conservatives, but these same people ignore proven lies told by the left.  The disparity of required integrity rattles the brain.  Case in point; no real evidence was ever presented proving alleged actions by Judge Kavanaugh, but this “contingent” still considers him a liar.  Multiple statements made by Obama and Clinton, pertaining to the atrocity in Benghazi, have been undeniably proven as known lies, but they are still held up as bastions of hope for the left’s agenda.  Four good men died so you could support a liar.

5 – A contingent raises the legal age to purchase tobacco products (in Illinois) to 21, while at the same time want to lower the national voting age to 16.  I’m not saying raising the legal age to purchase tobacco is a bad thing, but lowering the voting age to 16 is borderline lunacy, and the hidden agenda that precipitates this desire is not so hidden.  In fact, were I king, I would raise the voting age back to 21, and even at that, many 21 year olds have no real concept, or understand the consequences, of their voting responsibility.

6 – The politicians of the left want to remove my right to defend myself, while at the same time demand my taxes pay for their armed guards.  This demonstrates to me a blinding truth; to them, I do not matter one ounce.  My only purpose, as far as they are concerned, is to act as a surrogate blood donor hooked up to a machine that sucks the life out of me, and tied to this machine I will remain until I die.  I think I could be easily persuaded to design and construct a couple of machines which I would inturn attach to them for the purposes of my amusement.  I live in Illinois, and 4 of the past 7 Illinois governors have gone to prison for actions while serving as governor.  The current governor is under investigation for tax fraud; this would be the same governor who just this past month doubled the gas tax, raised annual vehicle license plates fees by more than 50%, parked car tax of 6%, an annual registration fee of $250.00 for electric cars (it used to be $35.00), increase tobacco tax, sales tax, plastic bag tax… the list is seemingly endless.  The cost of living in Illinois has jumped so high due to taxes, I will consider it a joy to lose only $40,000 on the sale of my house so I can escape.  Actually, the loss will be more than that because my governor is trying to push through an “exit” tax.  Meaning, if I sell my house in Illinois and buy a house in another state, I pay Illinois a percentage estimated between 5-7% for the privilege of exercising my right to relocate; a house sold for $200,000 will gain Illinois no less than $10,000 and as much as $14,000.  You don’t wanna live in Illinois?  Fine, it’ll cost you to leave.

7 – The prestigious left believes a wall defending the southern border is immoral, while at the same time live behind gated communities and walled homes.  Again, they matter, I do not.  The only people who prosper from the absence of a wall on the southern border are drug cartels and human traffickers.  Makes me wonder who the cartels pay to keep the wall from being built.  They say a wall will not change anything.  But, they say if the confiscation of all the legal firearms from legal citizens saves just one life it will be worth it.  Fact is, gun confiscation will do nothing but raise the crime rate, and a southern wall will slow the tide of illegal drugs and human trafficking.

8 – Go to any store to purchase liquor or tobacco, or go to a bank to extract your own money, and you will be required to show an ID Card.  Get on a plane and you are required to show an ID multiple times.  Make a purchase with a credit card, and often that purchase will be halted if you cannot show a proper ID.  Enter a Federal Installation without an ID and you may end up in jail.  But requiring an ID to vote is considered racist.  How stupid is that?  The agenda is obvious; requiring an ID makes it very hard for dead people in Chicago to vote.  Why is it dead people only vote democrat?  I know they only vote democrat because if one of them voted anything other than democrat, the left would go ballistic.

9 – The left went nuts over alleged Russian collusion. An allegation that, after 2+ years of investigations costing millions upon millions of dollars, and the disruption of countless lives and livelihoods, they failed to prove.  They claim this foreign interference was unacceptable in the extreme, but these same people want to give non-citizens the right to cast a vote to determine the outcome of my country.  If this is legal, then it should be legal for me to go to another state and cast my vote; since each state is separate, I should be able to go to any (and every) state and cast my vote.  The premise is the same.  Go to Mexico, Honduras, Panama, England, or France and try to vote.  Let me know how that works out for ya.

10 – The extreme left are pushing for a socialist government.  Why?  Only answer I can think of, having any semblance of accuracy, is they want to end the US as a formal country.  Name me one country that prospered from a socialist government.  I’ll wait while you do a google search…  any country that survived a socialist government, did so by turning from socialism before the total collapse of the government.  Venezuela, at a time not so long ago, was considered one of the richest countries on the planet. Not so anymore.  Why?  Because of a socialist government.  Prove me wrong.

These are only 10 points.  There are many, many others I could list, and each point listed here could be expanded to multiple pages containing multiple facts and statistics that cannot be disputed.  But I suspect if you are still reading, you are aware of this already.  Those that stopped reading after a paragraph or two, I consider the lamest of all.  They do not want the truth.  They want to be spoon fed by “talking heads” who are experts at disseminating misinformation.  These same people will rant and rave, call me names, question my family heritage, and do it all without providing any valid point to counter my comments.  They have no credibility with me.

I cannot help but believe, when the real truth is revealed, many will be ashamed of their actions and deeds.  The sad reality is only a few will believe the truth and how it relates to how the lie has dictated their actions and deeds.  To accept the truth as truth means to admit being wrong when the truth was right in front of them.  They blindly and willingly followed the lie, and sadly they will continue to do so once the lie has been proven as such.

Conclusion… I am overwhelmed with a desire to hide from this stupidity.  But I will not.  I will however, stay out of sight… and maintain situational awareness and periodically voice my concerns from an obscure vantage point.

It is unfortunate that those who need to hear refuse to listen.  In the not so distant future, baring divine intervention which we all hope for, it is all going to unravel and I (actually “we” for those still reading) need to be ready to act.  Hope is not a good strategy, and hiding is not a good tactic.

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