Typically births are registered at some county clerk’s office or other place of record keeping. At death, a certificate of death is issued and if the family or funeral home provides, a local paper might print an obituary. That is about all history records for most. Born, lived, died and sometimes, not even that much. Except for those few records, for however long the span of time between born and died whether days, years or decades it might be hard to prove that we were ever here at all. If it could be proven that we were here, what would history have to say about what we did and how we did it?

Most, whose stories fill the pages of history books, did not set out for that purpose. Wise men know when they are committing acts that history will record. They know too that throughout time, so-called history writers will pervert the truth adding their ideology and sometimes pure fable to the interpretation of historical facts. So much so that notorious criminals and killers become folk heroes and the good that made meaningful contributions to humankind, the birth and growth of nations are scorned as the enemies of human existence.

In this modern time, history is perverted before it is hours old, much less days or years. Sadly, it is perverted by people whose minds were shaped by a perverted history to begin with.

The problem with humans today is that we believe we know everything. We are sophisticated with our technology. We can instant message someone on the other side of the world. We are so sophisticated that the savage barbarians among us can broadcast their acts around the world. In ancient times their terror preceded them from village to village as they murdered and plundered, but now they can broadcast it across the world. Their acts are not new.

People gifted with communication skills, written and oral, for whatever reasons garner large audiences to whom they often provide little more than sheer lunacy for consumption. This is what causes me to turn off most broadcast news and talk programs, and avoid reading many different forms of written news because most of it is fraught with fiction and ideology – and this is what history records and this is what future Americans will come to believe about their country. To say the least, it is disconcerting.

It is humans, the only creatures on the planet who can think and reason, who challenge the laws of nature. For example, humans are the only creatures who kill their unborn. Is it because we are more advanced beings or is it because we decided we are able to change the course of nature if that is our desire and without any repercussions. In some parts of the world where killing the unborn has become a norm comes the advent of euthanasia for the aged as proposes one of the framers of our current healthcare system. This is certainly a human sickness. We do as we please in contravention to the laws of nature and nature’s God. It is only people such as these who believe that man is in control and can challenge the laws of nature that also believes we can destroy an earth we could not create simply by using what God provided for us to use.

The root of it all is the oldest battle. For as long as thinking, reasoning and communicating humans have walked this earth, good and evil have walked it side by side. In your personal life, think back as far as you can remember and you will come to realize that you arrived in this life knowing the difference between right and wrong as did every other human. What causes people to choose evil over good? What causes them to pervert history even as it occurs? What causes them to challenge the laws of nature?

The ongoing battle in our modern and sophisticated world where great problems are solved in 144 written characters or on a reality television program is the war between good and evil. So much so that what is good is called evil and what is evil is called good.

We debate about whether there is a Creator God or whether from nothing we just are. Whether there is a life after death or whether there is just darkness. A debate that can be settled by the only perfect history ever recorded. That is hard to accept for some because to accept it means that everything you are and everything you believe is wrong. And what does history say about you, me, and all the rest of us. Well, it is already written. We cannot change the course of it. To survive it, we are only required to do what it tells us to do. Most of all, it tells us to believe it, trust it, and do not challenge it. It tells us we cannot change yesterday and we cannot predict tomorrow. That only leaves us today to get it right.

© 2104 J. D. Pendry American Journal

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