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During the 1990’s an entertainer had an initial iteration as a late-night television show host.  The show would periodically display a comedy sketch that focused on certain current controversial topics or social issues that could be deemed somewhat unusual, which in turn would ultimately lead to the pondering of these areas to the point of eliciting the introspective verbal phrase known as: “Hmmmhhh.” 

I would like to convey a semblance of that thought process here within this great platform, the American Journal, with some “Hmmmhhh” thought reflections of my own:

Now that I’m retired for the second and final time (HALLEJAH You and Me), I actually “listen” to the mid-day local news within my undisclosed zip codish location.  I say “listen” because I’m usually doing some of my “creative cooking” and need to concentrate my visual capabilities on what I’m doing, lest I set the house on fire and incur the wrath of my still-yet after 27 years of marriage; beautiful and beauteous Bride.

I’m sure you’ll now want to know what I mean by “creative cooking,” so I’ll share a couple of my “recipes” before we get to “Hmmmhhh.”

Today, while “listening” to the news, I took a frozen turkey burger, cooked it in a skillet; then chopped it into crumbles and spread it on a frozen veggie pizza and then baked that – thus “creating a “Turkey Veggie Pizza” or TVP!  Another time, I baked a frozen eggplant cutlet, placed them atop a cooked turkey burger on a brioche bun, then topped the cutlet with a slice of cheese and some spaghetti sauce – thus creating an “Eggplant Parmesan Turkey Burger!”  Admittedly, the cheese was cheddar and not parmesan, but I was being creative; and yes, you guessed it – I like turkey burgers…and eggplant too!!! 

Okay, now to my rendition of the “Hmmmhhh” segment. 

The news today reported that statistics concerning the use of marijuana have determined that medical concerns not beneficial to the user, have increased.  Medical information has determined that people who ingest marijuana (via brownies, candy, cookies, etc) as opposed to smoking it, don’t achieve the “high” as quickly as would be obtained if it was smoked.  That’s because it takes about three hours for marijuana to take effect when ingested as opposed to instantaneously when smoked.  Due to the lack of this knowledge by the user, the “ingesters” tend to “overeat” the baked/cooked/mixed food items and end up in Hospital Emergency Rooms with symptoms ranging from hallucinations to racing heartbeats to cardiac arrests.   Sooooooo, does this “overeating” of marijuana mean that soon there will an obesity epidemic on the rise simply from cannabis-eating within caloric content?  “Hmmmhhh.”

The news also reported that an actor known primarily from a popular television series that was facing 16 charges of criminal conduct from what law enforcement determined stemmed from insurmountable evidence; had all the charges dropped by way of an “agreement” with the office of the prosecution directly involved with this prominent news story.  Sooooooo, can anyone now have their pending due to evidence criminal charges dropped with their prosecuting office concerning the crime/crimes if there is simply an agreement reached to what – not do it/get caught doing it again?  “Hmmmhhh.” 

Here’s one that’s not necessarily “news” associated.”  People who are esteemed famous in the entertainment industry such as actors, comedians, musicians and singers, etc., often get memorialized on a famous sidewalk on the west coast known as the “Walk of Fame.”  Historically, this honor was bestowed upon the honorees after they’d established themselves as prolifically talented in their particular vein of entertainment.  Now, there are people who have become “famous” for having the “talented ability” of keeping up with and knowing all the business of the “actual” people who have demonstrated that they’re talented enough to be in the entertainment industry.  Sooooooo, can one now become memorialized on the “Walk of Fame” because they climbed into the dumpster behind legitimate entertainers’ homes and thus are able to tell the world via various forms of media, what type of disposable diapers these celebrities used on their babies?  “Hmmmhhh.”   

Lastly, on a personal note, according to WebMD (which I find very informative) certain physical changes take place within all of us as we get older.  For example, hair grows within the human ear at an increased rate.  Sooooooo, does this mean that I am eventually going to need an “Ear Brush”  “Hmmmhhh.”  

It’s possible I may revisit these “Hmmmhhh” ponderings from time-to-time, and I invite you share some of your own. 

Oh yeah…one more creative cooking thingie…sort of…if you mix “Cherry Soda” with “Root Beer,” you can make a drink that you can use as a toast at celebrations and such that you can literally call as you make the toast… (once again, wait for it…) “Cheers…”

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  1. Dee Armstrong

    Does getting a book published mean it’s a great read and people will buy it? Hmmmm. Not by a long shot, especially if it’s a self-published one. Paul, your post really makes the reader think. That could be dangerous. Or very productive!

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