Hollywood Stupid

Hollywood stupid is a frame of mind, maybe it is mental disorder. It is where one develops a fantasy of life in his head and then tries to apply it to world realities. The results are typically catastrophic. If only the individual, his real life usually crumbles into pieces in clouds of immorality, infidelity and dishonesty like a typical Hollywood marriage. The life crumbles because its foundation is a daydream built on little more than exaggeration and self-adoration. If he is a leader, the impact is often more tragic. Tortured, dead ambassadors for example.

Those who become Hollywood stupid have obvious character traits. They have an intellectual superiority complex. They consider themselves infinitely brighter than those who might believe in God and creation. Or to any who might accept that freedom is God-given. In their view, clinging to your Bible is just old thinking. Avoidance of truth rather than seeking it. Past its age. Not applicable to today. They umm a lot when speaking.

These intellectually superior people do not accept that there is a supernatural influence on a person’s spirituality. No, they seek out Deepak Chopra to enlighten them. Or they find an articulate script reader who is a blank slate on which they can paint any image they choose. Typically, it is an image that fits into their fantasy. They idolize the image until the day that reality hits them square in the face. Sometimes harsh reality cures their mental disorder, too often not.

Our nation’s liberal-communist-progressives are Hollywood stupid. Most of them led pampered lifestyles, yet would ask you to believe they grew up ragged and walked to school barefoot in the snow and uphill both ways. Ragged and barefoot tugs at your heart. It helps construct the fantasy character that can then have a basis on which to tell you why wealth redistribution is so vitally important. So all kids can have the shoes I did not and we can flatten those hills or at least lower ocean levels.

Life for them is no more than a movie script. Always in rewrite to keep the series alive.

Evil works. Evil takes hold. It embraces, encourages and builds them up, at least in their own minds. It makes them wildly famous, wealthy and influential. Then when it is finished with them it crushes them. Totally and completely. You cannot play with evil. Evil is not a good playmate.

Our Hollywood stupid liberal-progressive-communists justify murdering Islamists with a video that no one ever heard about before our ambassador was brutally murdered in Libya. They get the storyline out quickly when their fantasy world clashes with reality. They get it out there because they know the Hollywood stupid media will run with it and continue with it even after it is proven false. The media is filled with people who have great speaking voices. They sound really convincing. They can memorize scripts and robotically repeat them until the lie becomes ingrained in the national mind. These enablers are so sold on the fantasy characters they love that they cannot see the cliff over which they will be chucked when they are no longer useful. Evil works. Evil loves Hollywood stupid.

Did you ever think about why the liberal-progressive-communists would ally themselves with the Muslim Brotherhood Islamists? I do not believe it is that complicated. They have a mutual goal. The destruction of the United States of America. Neither of them believe in the God of Christianity, otherwise they might pretend some outrage when taxpayer funded art is a picture of Christ in a jar of urine. God is the foundational cornerstone of the United States of America. Our founding declaration asked for the protection of divine providence. To succeed, the Islamists and their liberal-progressive-communist friends must remove our cornerstone. Neither of them can co-exist with freedom. There is no individual freedom in Islam and there is none in Communism. They must take away our freedom. Both are bold faced liars. They can never be truthful about their aims. They cannot live in the light of truth. They can only survive in a dark, dishonest world.

Simply stated, the Islamists and their liberal-progressive-communist friends will remain true to their mutual goal which is the destruction of the United States of America and freedom. They have no honor, nor do any media personalities who support them. They will tell any lie, fabricate any fantasy and ally themselves with any entity that shares their goal. If they win, what follows will not be pretty.


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