How do we stop Trump?

These days, that is the prime question on the minds of the country club republicans, their corporate puppet masters, and the communists. They are plotting, spending money, and rubbing Karl Rove’s big round head trying to come up with the answer. The solutions have been to steal the nomination from the front runner in a brokered convention, if that fails plan B is to run a 3rd party to ensure a republican loss in the general election, while at the same time declaring none of this would be a problem in the first damn place if the pesky blue collar middle class would just go ahead and die.

I am thrilled at what Mr. Trump has accomplished during this election cycle. At the end of it all, he may turn out to be a phony baloney, but he has brought to the forefront what most harms the severely wounded but alive and well American Middle Class – illegal immigration, bad trade deals, and destruction of the US manufacturing base. And when people who are fighting for their lives find someone who appears to speak for them, they are going to fight. He has forever exposed the career politicians for who they are and likely has changed the voting and political landscape for a long time to come. The large crowds that are coming out in support are not purely conservative, not purely liberal, most certainly not the dependent class, and most certainly not the brain washed spoiled brat communists and professional protestors who are causing trouble. They are Americans who want their country back and Ronald Regan was the last person able to bring them all together and right our ship of state. I am making no comparison between the two men, but both seemed to have taken a different route to arrive at the same destination. And depending what is done with the prize it could turn out good as it did for Regan or it could go the other way. That is the great unknown, but America after all did gamble on hope and change.

It just saddens me that for so many years, and I am not the Lone Ranger on this one, I believed that a political party was interested in looking out for me. For certain, my gullibility and naiveté were exposed.

The ideological puritans across the spectrum are certainly part of our problem – especially those with big megaphones and inflated senses of self-worth. It would not surprise me if many of them drifted off into obscurity when this episode of American history concludes. We will just have to see. But be assured of this, the American people are to the point they will walk through and over them to get to the voting booth.

I consider myself conservative in my thinking, but an ideology should not be a national suicide pact. And most certainly it is time to end politics as a career and an industry. I am certain that there are plenty of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents of all ethnicities who still believe in America and who are willing to stand together. For the betterment of America maybe it is the elitist political class that needs to die.

But to answer the burning question. I listen to some news programming. I read a lot of news and commentary. I listen to some talk radio although I must admit I have recently whittled it down some. It is not uncommon to read and hear these media types talk about Rush Limbaugh and wonder out loud how he can maintain such a large audience. The never realize that if they honestly wrote and reported the news Mr. Limbaugh would have no audience. If they did their jobs completely and honestly, people would not have a need to turn to him or others to hear what they otherwise would not – ever.

So the answer for the country club is simple. For many years you have lied to the American people. You have lined your pockets with corporate dollars and failed to keep the promises to the people who put you into power. For the recent years and especially since Americans put you in charge of Congress, you have not stood on a single principle. You have been spineless and conniving. Your time to stop Trump passed you by long ago when you failed to govern in the interests of the American people. And now you are in for an epic beat down because you simply did not live up to your promises or do your job. And Mitt Romney et al are not going to save your sorry asses.

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