How does it feel to be impeached?

It didn’t seem to bother President Trump much.  Or so he declares.  At least outwardly.  Impeachment, especially one as phony as this, is not about the President.  It’s about me.  And I take it personal.  It’s also about politicians who think I made a mistake.  An egregious one.  They feel obligated to nullify it.  Obligated to nullify me.  My voice.  They infer I’m incompetent to cast my vote for President.  Yes, make my own choice as a free citizen of this great country.  Not their decision and not theirs to reverse. Your choice too if you voted for Trump.  So how does that make you feel?  You schlubs who happily go to work in dungarees and khakis when you can find a job.  Who end your days with callused hands, aching backs and dirty fingernails.  You who fill the ranks of our first responders and military.  To them, your voice is not important.   Forget that for the people by the people stuff.  That’s just old and outdated.  Your voice only counts if you’re a career politician.  Or if you hate Donald Trump.  Or both.

I get some angry email and messages.  How can you support Trump?  You are a military Veteran and he had multiple deferments during the Vietnam era.  I’m also rational.  During the draft era, there was a legal process for getting deferments.  It was a decision made by local draft boards.  I’ve always believed that when called, one should serve.  I also accept that, although I don’t like it, I cannot fault someone who uses a legal system for a draft deferment.  It’s not the person, it’s the system that’s broken.  Comparative to the tax code you might say.  A system that will be used and abused again if a draft is reinstated.  A system not generally available to the folks with callused hands and dirty fingernails. But what about morality and abusive name calling?  As I’ve responded before.  Cast the first stone puritan.  I also weigh my options.  Do I vote for an accomplished brash political outsider with a playboy reputation who’s really neither Republican or Democrat?  Or do I vote for one with no accomplishments, a scandalous political history and whose associates have an incredibly high suicide rate?  Easy choice for me.  And I have sat out elections when my choice was between two political progressives.  So, sidle up to our country’s communist political bloc, and that’s what it is, if that’s your choice.  Don’t expect me to join your ranks.  Ever.

Two things I was taught to avoid are liars and thieves.  Some days I think that requires me to avoid most politicians and major media.  In a country where politicians are supposed to represent and serve the people and a free press is supposed to keep them honest by reporting the truth, we fail abysmally.  The politicians ignore it or abuse the Constitution while the press through idealism and dishonesty voids freedom of the press.  One of the most important rights available to our Representative Republic.  Eh, I was also taught to avoid wet toilet paper.  Which is about as effective as Washington’s political class and the media.

Probably, I should be focused on other things during the season of joy.  And I am.  Spending time with family including two incredible granddaughters, but I’m additionally blessed.  I have jet lag.  Still waking up in the wee hours, so I’m sharing jet lag time with you.  It is after all, quiet and peaceful.  Daughter-in-law set up the coffee pot so all I needed to do was rub the sleep from my eyes push the on switch.  Life is pretty doggoned good.  Gives one time to ponder whether it will always be as good.  Whether we can rely on our political class to preserve and protect our great and free Representative Republic or will we standby and watch them utterly destroy the grand ideal of a free country governed by and for the people.

That’s where we are isn’t it?  Hatred and division on multiple fronts.  There was only one perfect person to ever grace this planet.  He uses imperfect people to do his work.  He planted freedom and love in the hearts of all.  He planted freedom In America.  The people who want to transform America forever do not accept that worldview.  It’s time for an awakening.  May the Peace of Christmas bless you.

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