I blame it all on Rush Limbaugh

I don’t believe I could be a journalist. Writing news is excruciatingly boring. At least it is to me. Maybe that’s why it’s done so poorly these days. I write about news and events and sometimes about neither. In recent years, that’s become quite depressing. Maybe it’s also why the news types seem so angry. Anger certainly taints reporting.

It’s a sign of our times that I feel like I have to know what’s happening every minute of the day. It shouldn’t be that way. Few people writing news and commentary nowadays have identifiable writing voices. Mark Twain, Will Rogers both known to comment on events of their day had recognizable writing voices. You didn’t need to see a byline. Today’s news is certainly not stimulating reading unless bleeding eyes anger is your forte. My view is likely a product of what I mostly read.  In the vernacular of the day, I’m a news junkie although I’m trying to be less so.  In that word menagerie characterized as news there’s nothing literarily stimulating. Some reporters attempt a little literary flair, but just beyond their opening of it was a misty fall day lies a collage of clunkers.

So here we are on the eve of our destruction and wondering if we should just walk away into the woods and let the craziness pass us by. Like the old Mac Davis tune, “You got to stop and smell the roses, You’ve got to count your many blessings everyday, You’re gonna find your way to heaven is a rough and rocky road, If you don’t stop and smell the roses along the way.” I don’t care for the way news is presented whether video, audio, or print. I think news channels and the Internet may be the death of us, or maybe just me. It is incredibly difficult to determine who is being factual and truthful and doubly difficult to find someone to trust. There is no longer a trusted news source although practically every source of news declares themselves so. I blame it all on Rush Limbaugh.

Mr. Limbaugh doesn’t report news. He’s not a journalist. He doesn’t claim to be one. What he does exceptionally well is analyze the day’s news and events and provide his own take backed by many years of experience doing the same thing. He’s not preachy, an attribute of some radio voices that causes me to readily spin the dial. Yes, I still have a Hallicrafters model S-214 solid state radio sitting nearby where I must turn the nob to tune in a station. My Dad gave it to me in July 1980. I was passing through to my next Army assignment and admired it sitting there on the counter in his shop. It has AM and FM bands and several short-wave bands. As I was leaving West Virginia for Alabama, Dad unplugged the radio, wrapped the cord around it and said, “here, take this with you.” It’s been with me ever since and I still like the tinny sounds emanating from Dad’s old radio. It also returns fond memories of him tinkering around in his shop with radios and televisions. With no formal schooling for the skill, Dad could fix about anything electric. When I was young, he had his own repair shop business until a flood took it away. If there is a radio shop in heaven I reckon he’s in it doing what he loved, tinkering and still smelling the roses.

My apologies, but sometimes I tend to wander off now back to Mr. Limbaugh. I’ve heard it declared that Rush Limbaugh saved AM radio. From the mid 60’s until I enlisted into the Army in 1971, I lived in Chicago. I listened to two AM stations WCFL and WLS both playing rock and roll top 40. On CFL I liked DJ Barney Pip who was a little wild with a strange voice for a DJ. On WLS, I liked Larry Lujack and Dick Biondi. I also liked the episodes of Chickenman, although I don’t remember which station. I was sitting in the kitchen of our cramped northside apartment one day eating a snack and listening to Biondi. He was talking as DJ’s do and he said, and this may not be his exact quote concerning mini-skirts, but it’s close, “If these skirts get any shorter the girls will have two more cheeks to powder and more hair to comb” I almost choked and I think soda pop came out of my nose. That was a tad risqué even for the free love 60’s. Biondi was fired for that one and eventually I believe just moved over to CFL. Like rock and roll on the AM, many of the old DJs have passed on. They’re all talk or sports stations now. It’s the Limbaugh influence.

Limbaugh has an incredibly large audience and probably is the prime driver behind the explosion of AM talk radio. So, the problem with journalism today is that so-called journalist rather than reporting factual news try out Limbaugh Rush Limbaugh. That’s a losing approach to their business. They simply cannot report concise, factual accounts of the news without ideologically slanting it with their personal views and opinions and all too frequently challenging what Mr. Limbaugh said. Envy is not a good attribute. If they did factual and unbiased reporting we wouldn’t need the sage Rush Limbaugh to sort it out for us. Once again God brings balance to the universe.

Now I’m not certain I know where I was headed with this one so I don’t know if I’m there yet, but like the old cowboy said, I know I like bacon. I also need to spend less time in the news and more time smelling the roses. And those old 60’s DJs on the satellite radio channel truly make me long for Pip, Lujack and Biondi. An occasional walk on the wild side is also good for the soul. I believe Limbaugh said he started as a top 40’s DJ. Now I bet that was interesting.

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