I have some questions for you

But first let me say this. It does not matter that you say these terrorists do not represent Islam. They believe they do. It does not matter that you say we are not at war with Islam. Those who are murdering defenseless people across the globe and right up to our own doorstep and who believe they represent Islam are adamant that they are at war with us.

You really need to help me understand some things. You keep telling me that Islam is a religion of peace and the vast majority of its practitioners do not support acts of terror. I am asked to believe that the vast majority of more than 2 billion Muslims do not support terror. If that number of people do not support the terror taking place in the name of their god and their religion why on earth have they not eradicated this vermin? Could it be that the vast majority also believes they are at war with us? And this explains their silence?

Why are you so reluctant to call these murdering bastards what they are? Radical Islamic terrorists. Why are you so reluctant to correctly label their acts of terrorism? Why is the United States Attorney General vowing to prosecute anyone speaking ill of Islam? Are you now, in the United States of America, going to enforce Sharia blasphemy laws? I will take your empathy for Islam for what it is worth and raise you one Piss Christ. Is the Attorney General going to initiate stoning and public beheadings for the violators of her dictate?

In our most recent act of terrorism, why was the FBI and ATF on the scene almost immediately? Makes one think they knew about these two radical Islamic terrorists. Considering that possibility, maybe the Sharia enforcing Attorney General or the Secretary of Homeland Security can enlighten us. Did the FBI know about these two? If so, why were they not arrested before they started murdering people? The FBI Director seems a little uneasy in his job recently. What does he know that he is being prevented from sharing with the American public?

What is our national strategy for defeating an enemy who we state is not at war with us? How can we defeat radical Islamic terrorism if we cannot even bring ourselves to call it what it is? As far as I can see, our only strategy is defeating terrorism with global wealth redistribution called climate change and disarming the American public.

That brings up some more questions. To keep and bear arms is a fundamental right guaranteed by the United States Constitution. Why is it necessary for me to request permission or a permit from anyone to exercise my Constitutional right? My state is an open carry state. I can open carry a side arm without anyone’s permission. Why is it not that way across the country? Would not a visibly armed populace deter some of these terrorist acts? Or workplace violence depending on where your sympathies lie?

Why have we not absolutely secured the borders and ports of entry into our country? It is clear that we have people in charge of our country who are traitorous in their conduct. They are the biggest threat to our nation security. Why have we not initiated impeachment actions against them?

I cannot tell anyone what they should do. But our first obligation is to defend ourselves, our families and our property. Any American who is not armed and prepared to do that is naïve at best. I do not believe a gun confiscation would ever occur although it most certainly is the Holy Grail for the progressive left who for decades has sympathized with every murdering regime on the planet. But something is coming and I am betting it is in the President’s primetime oval office address tonight. And maybe he will answer some of my questions to. Guess that latter assumption shows my naïveté too.

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