I’m an American- The political left was speaking ill of me long before Donald Trump was elected President

I’ve been busy with something that’s taking a lot of time and thought. It’s been keeping me from regular posts to the blog. But these days things build up making it necessary to do a mind dump to remove the noise and clutter that tends to break one’s concentration and thought patterns. It’s therapeutic. It lays things aside allowing focus.

The political left was speaking ill of me long before Donald Trump was elected President. When decades of globalist-oriented government failed, I was told: “…it’s not surprising then they get bitter, they cling to guns or religion or antipathy toward people who aren’t like them or anti-immigrant sentiment or anti-trade sentiment as a way to explain their frustrations.” The statement says a lot about the person who made it and the ideological mindset of those whom he represents. I’m bitter? Every time the media speaks, I hear I’m hateful, angry and a threat to our country. I’m told my constitutional right to keep and bear arms is responsible for all gun violence. Christianity is mocked as a matter of routine even from the Whitehouse and the floors of Congress. I’m called a racist because I believe in secure borders and “legal” immigration. If I want the factories to return so that my middle American neighbors may ply their learned skills and trades to earn a decent living, I’m anti trade.

The truth is, I’m not a globalist. I’m an American. Rather than being anti anything, I am pro American. I am a patriot with an unwavering allegiance to the country of my birth. An allegiance to the exceptional country as founded on the precept of individual liberty. I live under an oath without an expiration date, a sworn oath to defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic. I will fulfill my oath. Since patriotism has not yet been demonized, I’m being called a nationalist. Some adding the descriptor white to it intoning that I am some sort of a supremacist. No, I’m just an American. A patriot or nationalist as you choose. None of it means anything more than I believe in sovereignty of our country, self-governance, self-determination, and freedom. I stand to welcome anyone into our country who arrives legally, wants to make a contribution to our society, and who willingly embraces American ideals rather than bringing with them the failed systems they escaped.

The very declaration, I am an American, is being turned ugly. It’s been headed in that direction ever since the misguided youth of the 1960s began to burn bras and draft cards and clamor for free love and legal drugs. Their minds poisoned by the evils of capitalism and the utopia of socialism and communism. That generation became university professors. Following five decades of political indoctrination on our college campuses, here we are. One of our political parities is so rigid they’ve become a wholly owned subsidiary of the establishment donor class. But don’t be too hasty with assumptions, the other party has its donor class as well and it filled vacancies left by retiring cowards with progressives. Please do a little research. You will soon learn that Progressive is interchangeable with Communist. To the ignorant, progressive is a little more palatable to the ear. They are more in line with trashing our Constitution rather than supporting and defending it.

I know it makes me a modern-day pariah to even think it, but multi-culturalism fails. There will always be one or the other seeking dominance. We should hold tightly to our heritage and ethnicity. It is who we are. But if America is to survive, we must all embrace our national motto, out of many one. Out of many cultures comes an American culture. Not a utopia, but the best ever conceived by humans.

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