Immigration and Communists

I was out in the back yard un-kinking my guaranteed kink-proof water hose. Actually I think it attacked me. At one point it had an arm and a leg secured, but I did manage to get free. About the only equivocal experience is filing taxes, except from the kink-proof hose I was able to get back the arm and leg. I looked over at the neighboring house and shook my head. It was sort of like I remember looking over at Mexico from El Paso. The house is empty. Some men have purchased it with the intent of renovating and flipping it, but they better hurry.

Here in Wild and Wonderful we have this creeping weed that grows along the top of the grass. Unless you periodically unleash chemical warfare, it will smother the lawn. While the house next door awaits its makeover, those creeping weeds have consumed the lawn. My problem is open borders. So whenever I spray on the weed killer, I lay an adequate amount along the boundary. Secure the borders and you keep the weeds at home, free to run in any other direction they choose.

The Census Bureau tells us that our immigrant population in 2013, including legal and illegal is 41.3 million. US population is now 320 million. As of March 2015, 33% of Americans, that is 92,898,000 aged 16 and older, are not participating in the work force. Certainly some of those are for valid reasons, but many gave up looking for work. Our country is unable to put Americans to work although the communist propaganda machine keeps reporting how well the economy is doing and most of Washington is on the more immigration and amnesty bandwagon.

Did you listen to our Secretary of State speak as he raised the American flag in honor of a Communist dictatorship. If you did, hopefully it did not make you ill. Genghis Johnny has a long history of communist love dating from his visits with the North Vietnamese to his man love for Comandante Ortega. It just points out that there is danged little space between progressives and communists. The major difference is that American progressives yet lack the fortitude to call themselves communists. But, I do not think that day is too far into the future.

The progressives are making it through their bucket-list a rather torrid pace. Normalization of homosexuality and using it to attack religious freedom, uncontrolled immigration, an ideologically based supreme court, abortion for profit including selling baby parts, half of the population dependent on government programs, government controlled healthcare, peace in our time with Iran, and Genghis Johnny raising the American flag in Havana. There really is not much left for them to do. They are still plotting ways to take guns away from legal gun owners. It is the crowned jewel on the progressive bucket list.

I just think Americans as a population are not the type to take to the streets, but perhaps we are nearing the tipping point. The day when millions of people are in the streets and in comparison places like Ferguson and Baltimore look like Saturday night block parties, Washington might get a little concerned. We most definitely need that great awakening and it is time to start demanding impeachments and resignations. The people must accomplish what establishment Washington will not.

Or we can stand by and watch while the communists run the hammer and sickle is up the Rainbow house flagpole.

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