Is America Soft?

According to the President, we are. I agree.

America was once unapologetically Christian. A nation underpinned by Christian values. At the beginning of our country, and from the pulpit our pastors inspired revolution. Today, they fear the wrath of government and the Internal Revenue Service more than they fear the wrath of God should they utter a single phrase in opposition to the direction our government tries to steer us. So much for if we stand with You, no one can stand against us.

Most Americans still claim to be Christian, but unfortunately it is a claim not supported by collective behavior. Being Christian is not the soft life. It is a God dependent and self-reliant life. It is guided by commandments that often are not even considered in the realm of possibilities for guiding modern American life. Today they are practically forbidden from public display and modern trends would see the Holy Bible banned as hate speech.

Rules place boundaries on the behavior of a nation and the citizenry. Life with rules is a disciplined life. No rules, no boundaries, discipline undefined.

The soft life has no discipline in which to adhere. It is a life unbounded by persnickety ancient rules. In the soft life, there are no moral boundaries. Sexual immorality is accepted, often glorified. In the soft unbounded life, it is acceptable to kill the innocent unborn yet practically impossible to execute a brutal convicted murderer. When the boundaries are removed, the desired ends always justify the means.

Once up on a time in America, communism was viewed and accepted as evil and destructive. We had no problem placing the collective finger in the chest of communism and affirming that it is not welcomed here. We recognized the threat to the Republic and stood firm against it. We taught our children the difference between a free life in a free democratic republic and life in communist Red China.

Today, no so much. Communism today is discounted as loony liberalism or simply as progressivism. Even strong public figures hesitate to call a communist what he is. China is held as the example and communist dictators for life are openly admired.

We were once a society that prided itself in individualism. We worked and were proud to make our contribution toward building and preserving the great and abundant nation with which God blessed us.

Today, thanks to a freedom destroying progressive tax system, fifty percent of us take, but contribute nothing for the privilege. Those who work the hardest and produce the most wealth for the nation and its people are vilified as evil and disparaged for not paying their fair share. Fair share? From each according to his ability is pure communism, but the soft generation in charge never learned that.

We are changing into an owed society – changing from a nation of self-reliant contributors into a nation of government dependent takers. Government dependent is another freedom stealing tenet of communism. Being cared for, rather than caring for one’s self is certainly the softer life –for as long as it may last.

We were once proud and unapologetically Americans. We were so because we were taught the true history of our country and we believed that the United States of America is an exceptional nation and that we are blessed to be her citizens.

In the softer life, we act ashamed and apologetic for being Americans. Self-inflicted and self-destructed liberal guilt is killing America. We have changed into a nation that places emphasis on mythical hyphenated identities. Our hyphens indicate that we bear allegiance to a country to which we have likely never set foot and to a culture in which we could not survive if we attempted to truly immerse ourselves in it and recognize it for what it is.

Now, we attempt to assuage or self-inflicted guilt through submission and apology. We are led into a fantasy land where those who hate our very existence will suddenly and miraculously love us as free people in a free nation if we only prostrate ourselves before them and beg acceptance.

Yes sir Mr. President, we have grown soft. We are also a gullible people and like any other, we tend to go where we are led. It is when we get to the edge of our destination and peer over into the bottomless darkness that we start to have serious reservations.

The hard life is God dependent, self-reliant, de-hyphenated and unapologetically American. May we be blessed with leaders who can take us back home.

© 2011

3 Replies to “Is America Soft?”

  1. Rob of Arabia

    Letters from folks like Mr. Nixon are a sad reminder that moral decay in America is (unfortunately) alive and well. Our society is far from perfect but I wish most Americans would travel the world to see just how fortunate (and extremely lucky) they are to be living in a country where freedom is truly free. Maybe Mr. Nixon should go to Syria and see what I mean.

    And I roll my eyes when I read poverty in America has reached new highs. Really? Well, a poor person in America would live like a king in Somolia, Sudan or Afghanistan. Guess when spending $59 for a new video game eats into our monthly budget, it’s time to complain to the liberal press.

  2. lorlan4

    Mr. Bruce Dixon is as dumb as a rock. Good thing is that at 70 years old, he has lived approximately 7/8th’s of his life and will be begging for mercy when he meets his maker.

    You hang in there and keep the truth.


  3. JD Post author

    Fan Mail of the week:

    Mr. Bunker,

    I’m really sick of the “right to life” hypocrisy of puffed up Christians supporting the death penalty for “brutal convicted murderers.” What planet are you from? Haven’t you been following the news on innocent men who have been “convicted” through prosecutorial shenanigans, mental torture, or faulty eyewitness reports? Or are you merely one of those right-wing “hang ‘em high” thugs?

    Therein lies one problem with that novel we call the Bible…lots of homilies but no consistent intellect or narrative, which may explain the sorry history of Christian faiths.

    You really should remove “The Thinker” from your page. And stop suggesting that non-Christians are morally corrupt. That’s evangelical BS. Mr. Bunker, I’ll put my own 70- year life record against any self-satisfied church-goer in the country.

    And you’re delusional if you really believe that everyone on the bottom rung of society is less of a worker than the Warren Buffets and Bill Gates of this world. I’m no Democrat, but I’ve seen enough to know that there’s such a thing as hard luck and a bad start in life. And don’t forget what segment of our population screwed everyone by causing our homes to be devalued and jobs lost. It was a Corporate America under the deregulatory protection of Reagan, Clinton and the Bushes.

    Bruce Dixon

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