Is it growing

I hear scientific research supports that one part of a male’s anatomy continues to grow throughout his lifetime.  That excludes his belly.  I have not taken measurements, but I do scrutinize.  It does not appear this scientific finding applies to me.  At least not yet.  When it comes to my body, maybe I am not the one to ask because it is always my lovely wife that notices first when my belly is growing.  I have taken a now selfie and will at some point take another.  If I am able to confirm the findings of this shocking report, I will post the results.

Meanwhile, did you see that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has formed a Presidential campaign committee?  I thought George Clooney would be the first.  I read where pro-refugee George is moving his family back to the United States because he fears that Great Britain has become too unsafe – too many terrorists.  He has that Presidential look though doesn’t he?  I bet he could do well playing one if someone wrote him a good enough script.  Betcha didn’t know George does TV commercials that run in countries other than the US.  In my travels, I have seen them.  In America, I suppose he has to maintain his commercials are beneath me image.  Wrasslers and actors probably couldn’t screw Washington up any worse.   Who enters next Hulk Hogan?  Watcha ya gonna do America when Hulkamania runs wild over you?  No question the Russians are behind this.  And Lord knows half of Americans would vote for anyone – just because.   As for their growing body parts Hulk says make sure you take your vitamins kids.

They’re selling legal pot in Nevada including Amsterdam in the desert.  I don’t know if you have visited Las Vegas, but there are free drinks for gamblers and smokers are free to puff away on whatever it is they light up.  I wonder if casinos will offer the gamblers free pot.  Inebriated gamblers not as good as more inebriated?  I saw a headline discussing Nevada’s new drug problem.  They are experiencing a pot shortage.  I’ve been there.  Adding legal pot to that continuous carnival in the desert is not necessary.  Crazy already exists in copious amounts. As for body parts I believe I read that pot usage results in shrinkage.

Did you see the new case the 9th Circuit has?  It is an appropriate case for them.  It seems that People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) sued a publisher on behalf of a monkey.  A wildlife photographer placed a camera and the monkey pushed the button taking a monkey selfie.  PETA believes the monkey holds the copyright to the selfie photographs published in the photographer’s book.  I don’t know if anyone discussed this with the monkey.  If the monkey wins, who gets the royalties?  Reckon he gets paid in bananas?  Monkeys were not covered in the scientific papers discussing growing or shrinking body parts.  The 9th circuit however must have made a trip to Las Vegas for a little happy smoke.  For PETA, I am not sure I would know if they were one toke over the line.

Wrasslers for President, more legal pot, monkey lawsuits and body parts growing and shrinking.  There’s a lot going out on out there in America, but the news media appears unable to report these important stories.  I suppose they get more laughs writing and reporting their own comedy strips or endlessly bloviating about Russia.  Sorry, that was redundant.

I have taken another look.  I am convinced my ears have not grown at least during the time it took me to write this.  For the pot smokers et al I think it is brain shrinkage.  But I could be wrong.

Don’t bogart that joint my friend.  Roll another one just like the other one.  Pass it over to me. – Country Joe and the Fish

Hey PETA, can they call themselves fish?  I don’t believe fish smoke either.  How about a defamation lawsuit?

© 2017 J. D. Pendry

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