Is it morning in America again?

I believe the people who truly make this world go around, the battered American Middle Class, are as uncertain today as am I.  We deserve better than we have.  Or maybe we do not deserve better.  One thing I do know, most of us have spent a lot of time chasing the American dream without checking on the political class and the media elite snob class who through corruption and collusion are putting the dream farther from reach with every corrupt deal and every item of unreported news.  The other thing I know for certain is sometime tonight, Election Day 2016, our country will either experience a rebirth or it will die.  Countries simply do not return from Progressivism/Communism and now add Globalism.  Ask the Cubans and Chinese.  Ask the open border Europeans.

Suzie-Q and I voted early this morning.  Our polling place opened at 6:30 AM.  We arrived there at about 6:45 and there was hardly a place to park.  We have voted every election at that polling place for the 17 years we have lived here.  Never have I seen so many people out to vote.  As we were returning home, a great big orange, red sun was just up in the morning sky.  The first thing that popped into my mind was the Regan ad, “It’s morning in America again.”  Listening to that ad, it was so painfully obvious that the incumbent political party could offer nothing even remotely similar.  All we have seen from the most corrupt politician to ever seek the office was personal attacks on her opponent.  When you are void of ideas that is what you do.  I never heard anything remotely approaching it because every policy over the past 7 plus years has been a spectacular failure.  Everything from Middle East disasters, to Obama care to, Benghazi to, nearly 95 million Americans out of the workforce to, every federal agency being used as a weapon against Americans.  And all the incumbent party and its establishment cronies in Congress and the media can offer is more of the same.

I saw where Mrs. Clinton canceled the fireworks display she had scheduled for her election night celebration.  I do not interpret that to mean anything, but if members of her campaign staff start booking flights to countries without extradition treaties I will believe something is up.

We hear it every single election.  “This is the most important election of a lifetime.”  Well, this one truly is.  Go vote and God Bless America.

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