Is There a War on Christmas?

Is the real issue hidden beneath a catchy headline “the war on Christmas?”

A war on Christmas is a war against what we call a decorated tree. It is a war against what we call the school break that arrives each year around Christmas time. It is a war against public display of Christian themed decorations. It is a war of political correctness of whether one should wish you a Merry Christmas, offer you a sanitized season’s greeting, or refer to an alternative list of faith based and made up celebrations, all so as not to offend. To that extent, I suppose you can conclude that there is a war about defining the holiday.

The war is not against Christmas. The war is against Christ, against Christianity, and against Christians.

God gave us many gifts. He created the heavens and the earth and Charles Darwin. He is the one source of freedom, the principle on which our nation was founded. He gave us his Son, whose birth we celebrate on December 25, a date established by men rather than by the actual event.

For Christians, everyday is a celebration of the birth of Christ.

I might be a cynic and most certainly I have a biased point of view, but do you really believe that people around the world would flock in droves to their favorite market place to purchase winter solstice presents. So, God gave us another gift important to our survival. Celebrating the birth of Jesus helps businesses turn a profit each year and as a result keeps many millions of people employed. The employed are able to support their families and purchase the goods that are produced in our waning environment of economic freedom. Without His celebration, the current economic ruin brought to us by politicians would be infinitely more disastrous. Clearly, He does a better job stimulating the economy than any politician’s fictitious stimulus plan. Of course, that means little to the men longing to replace God in our lives.

The war on Christianity is not reserved for one day or one season of the year. It is continuous. I recommend that your read David Limbaugh’s book, Persecution.

Do you recall when George Bush during debates responded with Jesus Christ when asked who the most influential figure in his life was? He publicly professed his faith, although there are pundits who questioned it, and was not timid about it. He was not afraid to state that he prayed to God for guidance. The liberals and many squeamish establishment types openly questioned whether a president should “wear his Christianity on his sleeve.” I always thought that wearing it on your sleeve was a curious expression. Obviously, it is preferable to liberals that one hide his true identity from scrutiny while seeking public office, unless maybe he is atheist or homosexual.

Politicians routinely profess their faith because all of the polls indicate a Christian believing majority resides in the United States of America. For most liberals and other pundits, this does not raise any eyebrows or elicit wearing it on your sleeve comments. Professional athletes have been crossing themselves before stepping into the batter’s box and pointing skyward when slugging a homerun for ages. Could it be they are grateful for steroids? Could they be praying that they not get a nasty breaking fork ball? I do not profess to know their hearts. Football players have been taking a knee in the end zone in a prayerful pose for quite some time now – just before the dance and spike. But, when Tim Tebow did it the liberal pundits were beside themselves. Why does he insist on wearing it on his sleeve?

Why do you reckon the response was different for President Bush and Tim Tebow than it is for others? It is simple really. Faux Christianity does not frighten or threaten liberal beliefs, atheists and moral relativists. The real deal does.

If you profess Christianity with a political wink or if your body is covered in tattoos and all of your hair does not fit inside your hat, your pose may well be just that – a pose. Again, I do not profess to know anyone’s heart, but be assured no one will ask you why you wear it on your sleeve. It is when your Christian walk matches your talk that you become threatening to the many facets of moral relativism one encounters in free America. You are a challenge to the liberal America that insists other groups of people wear their identities on their sleeves.

Just one final thought that may highlight our national direction. Hillary Clinton announced to the United Nations Human Rights Commission (an oxymoron by the way) the President’s national strategy for the protection of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LBGT) rights. I support the protection of the basic human rights of any person, but I do not recall such a national proclamation of support when the Egyptian army was killing Coptic Christians or for any of the many documented cases of Christian persecution and murder in Islamic states. Maybe we are no longer a Christian nation – or at least not Christian led.

Pray that God gives Tim Tebow the strength he needs to resist the multitude of temptations most assuredly headed his way.

The war is on Christ. Christmas is just one battleground.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Blessed New Year.


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