It is settled.

Global warming is settled the President tells us. The debate is over. With pen and Blackberry he is going to deal with it. Climate change deniers get out of his way.

It has been quite a winter here. For a week or so the low temperatures in my piece of Wild and Wonderful were dipping below zero. Not usual for this part of the state. Thankfully, global warming swooped in and gave us a reprieve, although it appears a temporary one, from what was setting out to be a rather miserable winter.

I was raised in a coal mining community in southern West Virginia. The hills are steep there. In the winter, it gets cold and snows. Who’d a thunk it? I grew up near the banks of the Guyandot (also spelled Guyandotte) river. It froze over every winter I could recall. We would get out on it. I never knew anyone to fall through the ice. We would get sticks of all sorts and someone would throw a flat rock on to the ice and off we would go. Hacking, slashing, and knocking the rock and one another around. We never had skates and hockey was something we thought came from the south end of a cow. We never knew there was a formal game and with rules to boot. Had we only known? We did attempt baseball on the ice. It gave a whole new meaning to sliding in. Rounding the bases was fun too. I remember sitting in a classroom in Wyoming grade school, now long gone. Through the window, we would watch the ice jams form on the river as the ice thawed and broke up. We would also hear the muffled thuds down river whenever the jams were blasted with dynamite.

In the summer, it would get blazing hot some days. We would start out many days with our fishing poles and a fresh can of night crawlers or red worms catching catfish, throwing back carps and suckers and occasionally catching a smallmouth bass. When that became too hot and boring, we hung our clothes on a tree limb and turned the fishing hole into the swimming hole. We tried to build rafts a few times, but they generally fell apart. Although we may have looked the part, Huck Finns we were not.

So there is definitely climate change here in Wild and Wonderful. In the winter it is cold. In the spring, it is a little warmer. In the summer it is hot. In the fall, it cools a bit. Then the frost comes. Then you can eat the wild persimmons without having them turn your mouth inside out.

No matter what we did, with most homes heated by wood and coal burning stoves and coal mines operating full speed, it still got cold in the winter, warm in the spring, hot in the summer, and cool in the fall. Sometimes, like now, it was a little colder or a little hotter. We never questioned who was responsible for the weather. We knew who and it was and it was not us.

I do not want to break the hearts of any of the global warming crowd. Well, yes I guess I do. We did not make the earth, which includes all of nature and, yep, the weather. We were not able in the beginning make it, break it or control it, and we are not now able now. We did not make it, we do not control it, and we cannot break it. Period.

That Mr. President is all that is settled. Just to be clear.

Just as so many social programs are systems for wealth redistribution within our own borders and Obamacare the granddaddy of them all, the climate change hoax is wealth redistribution on a global scale.

To understand this, you have to understand progressives (we used to call them communists). If you are wealthy, unless your name is Gates, Soros, or Buffet, you came by your wealth not by hard work but by lying, cheating and swindling it away from the poor. The communists call this income inequality and it must be fixed through “social” justice. Social justice means the government confiscates wealth from those who took it and redistributes it to those they took it from. This is the view from our Whitehouse. There is no real effort to help those who are poor to better themselves and become more self-reliant, the effort is to bring everyone down not raise anyone up. It is a middle class destroying ideology because in this scheme the super wealthy have theirs and they will keep it.

This logic then extends to the global wealth redistribution scam called global warming or this week global climate change. America is the rich guy who stole everything from the poor undeveloped third world countries to become a wealthy, bully nation. To make it right, “level the playing field”, what rightfully belongs to those undeveloped, largely socialist countries must be returned to them through global climate treaties. Subsequently bringing America down to their level where it belongs.

There you have it, simple as a fishin’ hole. America is being taken down beginning with the man who leads it. The people who could stop it? They spend their time trying to figure out how to give amnesty to millions of new Democrats.

Deep in the hills of Southern West Virginia is looking pretty good about now.

© 2014 J. D. Pendry

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