JD’s Retirement Woes

Up out of the Bunker Archives 1998-99

I went on the retired rolls October 1, 1999.  When General Reimer was Army Chief of Staff he would send out memos to his staff title Random Thoughts While Running.  Naturally those filtered out to the troops and I read a few.  So I stole his idea – sort of.  In the time leading up to retirement to several months after, I wrote about some experiences intending to tell those headed for retirement what to expect.    It was nothing earth shattering but that section of the Bunker is restored.  The restoration project is time consuming, but I predict I will be done before the Republican Congress accomplishes anything.

Garden Party
Thoughts While Krogering
Thoughts While Painting the Basement
Thoughts While Sitting at the DMV
My Compliments to Your Wife
Thoughts While Staring at My Decapitated Clock
Thoughts While On Hold With the AVRS
Thoughts While Actually Running
Thoughts While Teaching Drill
Thoughts While Looking in the Mirror
Thoughts While Sitting on the Back Porch

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