Just one vote away

I came up out of the bunker with my coffee cup in hand. Now it is not just any cup. This one has on it remnants of a camouflage pattern and rank insignia. An old friend.

Household 6 intercepted me at the entranceway to the kitchen. She was blocking my access to the coffee pot. Technically I do not believe you can call it a coffee pot any longer. Coffee maker perhaps? It grunts, groans and hisses out a cup from a pre-measured little container of coffee grounds. If I hear it first thing in the morning, I am running to the latrine. Works good as those prostate pills the doc prescribed. I presume what comes out of it is coffee because I have never opened up one of those little container cups to see what exactly is inside. HH6, like most days, was of the mind that I had reached my day’s ration of caffeine. Begrudgingly I agreed, sat my good friend on the counter by the sink and quicker than you can say yahoo, I grabbed a Mountain Dew from the fridge and made a run for the bunker all along thinking I really need a coffee maker down there.

I think I would like to ask Bernie Sanders how that socialism stuff is working out for him. After stomping Mrs. Clinton in the New Hampshire primary, she left there with the most delegates. They shared the wealth Bernie. Those democrat super delegates are equivalent to how they would choose the leader in a communist country – if the vote did not turn out the right way. Sorry Bernie, that is how it works in the land you envision. The difference between you and the other communist that is running is you are not afraid to claim it.

I am seeing the instant replay of prior losing republican campaigns for the presidency. Endless debates where eventually they must pound the snot out of one another alienating anyone in that important group who may want to help the general election effort. The celebrities, I consider Sarah Palin as one these days and not so much of a political force, including talk radio types are going all in for one candidate or another. The problem if their candidate loses they will spend the remainder of the election cycle badmouthing the winner. Declaring that in the interest of maintaining their own political purity they simply cannot vote for that person. Instead, they will vote for some unknown libertarian. And by their efforts of talking down a candidate to their very large audiences, they will do more to suppress the republican vote than Hillary’s crew and unethical pollsters could ever hope to do.

When I was in the Army, CAB meant Combat Aviation Brigade. I see the Commander-in-Chief’s Pentagon is directing commanders to engage the climate change battle. So CAB may now become Climate Assault Brigade. We are holding out hope that somewhere hidden away and waiting for leadership to arrive are some war fighting oriented Generals. Generals who believe that force capability far outweighs the benefits of social engineering and dealing with the wealth redistribution scam that is global warming. Rebuilding our military is going to be a challenge bigger than rebuilding the post Vietnam force and a bigger mess than Regan inherited from Carter. I served in the post Vietnam Carter Army. It was not good.

Justice Scalia, our true Constitutional originalist on the Supreme Court, died. I do not want to get off in to never never land with my thinking, but it just seems to me there are a lot of convenient tragedies these days. This looming battle, assuming the establishment republicans can muster enough backbone to put up a fight, will suck all of the attention away from whether Mrs. Clinton should be an inmate or a candidate. But the politics of it are the least concern. I have only heard one candidate speaking of how crucial the Supreme Court is, knowing that the next president will likely make several appointments. Ted Cruz, like him or not, clearly pointed out how we are a single vote away from losing rights such as religious liberty and the right to keep and bear arms by Supreme Court decisions.

Well, here we are. Supposedly sitting at a 4-4 split, but I do not even buy that it is that good considering that a majority of us rightfully thought Obamacare was going to be gone as unconstitutional. We are one vote or decision away from something. But what? Civil War? Yes, I believe it is that serious. And dear leader? He is 10 months and one Supreme Court judge away from completing the promised fundamental transformation and for what it is worth preserving a legacy.

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