Lest We Forget

By Charles Stokes

We need to stay young,
And to stay young we need to stay around younger people.
We need to stay young,
We need to be around children, teenagers, grandchildren, –
We need to stay young,
Around someone who is now where we once were –
and had almost forgotten.
We need to stay young,
Take us back to those days when we could unabashedly do things –
just for the fun of doing it.
We need to stay young
Take us back to the days when we could run without tiring
– but didn’t know
We need to stay young,
For all the aggravation and heartbreak, and trying times that youth gives us

The wise can see that God has given us the greatest gift
– our children so that –
We can stay forever young.

© Charles Stokes, All Rights Reserved, Email Charles:

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