Life in Obamastan

What if the free United States of America and freedom loving individuals stopped participating in the independence and prosperity destroying policies forced on them by the federal government? What if we told Washington that we intend to abide by the 10th Amendment to the United States Constitution whether they like it or not. If we do not want to buy an Obamacare insurance plan, we will not. If we do not accept industry crushing regulations, we will not implement them. If we want to break out into spontaneous prayer and acknowledge God whether at a sporting event, in the schoolhouse or in legislative halls around the country, we will. Jail us for it. The jails need prayer too. On the upside, you can create prison guard jobs.

Maybe to start 2011, we need an American collective Rosa Parks moment. We are tired of being ignored, so we are not going to do it your way anymore. Period.

The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

The 10th Amendment is a very short one. Like the rest of our Constitution, it is very unlike those Reid Pelosi two thousand page liberty crushing monstrosities. And remember the wisdom of San Fran Nan. We must first pass them into law so we can then learn what they do to us. What does this red button do? How have we survived and prospered for so many years without the wisdom of Nan?

Do you know what differentiates the United States of America from the third world mud holes? The places Americans might never hear about if our young warriors were not sacrificed in them for nation building endeavors politically disguised as wars? The difference between us and them is that we have, for now, a world class middle class. Correct that, not A but The World Class Middle Class.

The liberal mind is a marvel. It is a mind that wraps itself around wars on capitalist greed and every heart wrenching story of despair attributed to it. Liberal cheering for this gang of freedom killing wealthy, progressive/communists currently running our country will continue right up until the day when harsh reality shows them that the war was not on the rich capitalist dogs at all. It was on them, at least those among them who are part of the middle class. By the time they understand that they were only collateral damage in the progressive war on the middle class, the rest of us will have to feed them. Well the remainder of them anyway.

What are we, including our misguided liberal brethren, getting in return for all of the hope and change fairy dust that us sprinkled upon us by a manufactured man and his adoring sycophantic media?

We are getting a utopian life in Obamastan.

In Obamastan, the very wealthy will always be very wealthy. Whatever they do to help us down-trodden, like provide Obamacare, will have no impact on their lives – none whatsoever. They will never have to concern themselves with government wrecked health care nor being too old to get life sustaining medical treatment. They will always be able to buy the world’s best private health care.

Their world view requires destitute peasants who are dependent on and beholden to them. To achieve this, they must destroy America’s world class and independent minded middle class. After which George Soros, Warren Buffett and Bill Gates can hold hands and proclaim that they have finally achieved benevolent global governance. Ahhh a utopian world led by Obamastan, the former free republic of the United States of America.

The Environmental Protection Agency wing of the new communist party, in the name of earth worship, is also hell-bent on destroying our middle class. With all of their hard work, who knows, maybe I can stop shoveling the global warming out of my driveway.

A moratorium on oil drilling? Who do you think $5.00 gas is going to hurt? John Kerry? The private jets of the wealthy will still be zipping around. Our world class middle class, who will not be able to afford private transportation will have to move back to Detroit and the other wonderful liberal controlled ghettos from which freedom and prosperity allowed them to escape. Or, trade their freedom of movement in for a high-speed Obamarail pass.

Want another little taste of the future in Obamastan brought to you courtesy of EPA regulation? Have you noticed your electric bills creeping up? Remember, his highness told us that under his plan our rates would necessarily quadruple. Coal keeps the lights on in most of this country, take a minute or two and educate yourself about Obamastan’s war on coal, energy in general and industry. This is an important issue for Americans, especially in the regions of our country that depend on the coal industry for survival – like here in Wild and Wonderful.

For another little peek into the future visit Ashland, Kentucky located in the tri-state border area with West Virginia and Ohio. AK Steel has a coke plant there. Coke is produced from coal and is used to fire the company’s blast furnaces. It will close permanently in 2011. EPA regulations make the plant too expensive to upgrade and operate. It will cost directly 263 jobs and affect around 300 more contract jobs. The economy will take a hit and the city of Ashland will take a direct one too. Ashland will lose around $500,000 in payroll taxes and its largest water and sewer customer. Those costs will be transferred.

Hey Sarah! I can see Obamastan from my front porch. Happy New Year.

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One Reply to “Life in Obamastan”

  1. Rob of Arabia

    More jobs for the government, less jobs in the industries. A wonderful trainwreck is forthcoming. What a way to begin 2011. And I bet those jobs in AK Steel are heading to another country.

    Too bad we can’t outsource our own government. Imagine the real estate collapse in DC by moving most services to, say…Kenya?!

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