Life is tough

… but it’s tougher when you’re stupid. That according to John Wayne.

Out in our cities around the land, stupid people are cheering for communism, letting fly with anti-Semitic rants, calling for the destruction of capitalism, raping one another, stealing from one another, trying to burn Oakland with a complicit mayor, and generally being off put by homeless vagrants trying to get some of their food. Life is tough for these people. It will probably get tougher because they are stupid. Someday reality will rise up and smack them between the eyes like a piece of dimension lumber. For their sake, I pray it is not a hard core communist who delivers the blow that shatters the fantasy world that exists only inside their college professor brainwashed noggins.

Most of them appear middle to upper crust – wealth wise. Their daddies likely firmly entrenched members of the evil one percent that they hope to lead to the guillotines. Hard lives these deprived youngsters have led I am certain. Carrying their I-pads like it is a holy tablet (Mr. Limbaugh, I am still waiting for my free engraved one. Do I too not deserve a free one?) and thumb thumping text messages on their I-phones; they strangely deify a hard core capitalist who made those devices possible while calling for the destruction of the system that allowed him to do it. Those are tortured minds running around inside them heads. Although I have never read his book, I am prone to agree with Michael Savage’s statement that Liberalism is a Mental Disorder. I do have it queued up in the Kindle though, which is just another capitalist produced gizmo that is advancing society along at breakneck speed. Never before could you tote and entire library around with you, but let’s not get off track.

We hear them crying out about their hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of debt incurred to pay for useless degrees. Degrees that will never allow them to produce any good or service, like the I-pad or Kindle, which might enable them to pay back the honest debt they incurred. Of course, considering the academic abuse endured by these intellectually deficient morons, I probably would not want to pay for it either. Problem is, these George Soros paid for and Van Jones led imbeciles want me, a proud holder of a G.E.D., to pay their debts, and for their health care, and for their homes, and to feed them… ! What I offer you boys and girls is a prayer that someday soon you will have an infusion of logic – a prayer that somewhere inside your mush filled heads appears a small life changing epiphany of clarity. I pray it happens before the communists that you are blindly supporting start stuffing you into wood chippers.

I suppose I have just had it up to my eyeballs with all of you. I have had it up to my eyeballs as well with your liberal enablers in academia, the media, Hollywood, Congress and wherever else their serpent heads poke. All of your useless lives, you have been taught meaningless drivel like do not eat that salt or anything fried in lard, it will kill you. Do not smoke, with the exception of medicinal pot, or tolerate anyone who does because that will kill you too. Have all of the pre-marital and adolescent sex you want, just wear a condom if you think about it. If you slip, not to worry, killing your unborn child is free choice and antibiotics cure most venereal disease, well not AIDS. Sexual perversion is wonderful, heck it might even get you your own popular television program. God? Who needs God? Christianity is as evil as Islam. It is the source of ever conflict ever known to man – or so you were taught. You have been preached to almost daily about the evils of slavery and by people whose only hope for personal wealth and power is to keep you enslaved to an increasingly tyrannical government. And you bought it hook, line and food stamp card. The most racist people in our country have pounded it into your head that everyone else is racist. Ask Herman Cain and Justice Clarence Thomas about liberal racism and what happens to you when you decide to leave the liberal plantation. You want jobs while demanding that the people who create jobs be taxed into oblivion and that every struggling company come under the thumb of a union. Hey dummy! Why do you think your I-pad was made in China and your designer jeans sewn together in Bangladesh? Are you sincerely that stupid? Do you ever entertain a rational thought?

I give up on you. If you succeed, you will be begging for a tent to live in, inside of a crap filled park. Your I-pad will no longer work for you. The communist will own the Internet. You will be tweet-less. You will be looking for some food too, but the shelves will be empty. You see, life is tough. It is much, much tougher when you are stupid.


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One Reply to “Life is tough”

  1. Joe

    Thank you, sir.
    Reminds me of the story we’ve heard before, when thinking of how in the world can we reverse the mind numbing hoesrshite that has been driven into American childrens’ braincells.
    The mama takes the baby out of a big tar pot and my, I think it easier to have another than to clean you up.

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