Look out the windows to your left

And you will see the Balkans.

I just finished an amazing visit with two strikingly beautiful young ladies. They are my Granddaughters. Liv is 5 and Mia is 2. That explains why nothing has appeared on this blog for two weeks. I believe that when my time has passed and I am on the death bed, I will not be wishing that I had spent more time blogging or with my head buried in some political news site angered by the latest failures of America’s political ruling class.

Children teach us a lot. They remind us, often painfully so, of what we have become. They help us comprehend the message in Matthew 18:2-6 (NIV) when Jesus told his disciples “I tell you the truth, unless you change and become like little children, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven.”

Children make us long to return to the place where worldly influences have not yet pounded us into the dirt, turning us into something we do not even recognize in the mirror. Something we once observed, but took an inner oath to never become. We must look at our country with a similar perspective. We need to shake off all of the other worldly multicultural and moral relativist influences and return to our basic guiding principles.

As Liv grabbed my hand and said come on Grandpa, no one had ever told her that the Barf-a-Whirl just might make Grandpa lose his oatmeal. I did not tell her either. If I suggested to her that it might make her ill, then it may have. There we went, whipping and spinning. She was throwing up her hands screaming and laughing while Grandpa grinned through clenched teeth, thankful that he did not yet require dentures. Liv was fine when the ride stopped. Grandpa was a little wobbly.

America, nearing the end of a dizzying ride, is wobbly too. Actually, there is no longer an America. She is splintered. Instead there is an Africa America, an Asia America, a Mexico America, a Euro America and, a You Name It America… The people who wanted to see an end to America have practically succeeded. From the Whitehouse on down through the ruling class line, the emphasis is always on what divides us rather than what unites us. It is on ethnic or some other identity like Gay America rather than on the Christian principles on which our nation was founded and by which she is blessed. If we are nothing more than a collection of ethnic or other identities then it becomes status quo to discount an opposing voice as racist, sexist or homophobic. That is the approach of imbeciles who cannot defend their defenseless positions.

I find it rather comical when the pundits lament that we are transforming into European style secular socialism, although that is what most of them seem to pine for. I hate to disappoint them, but we left that train stop quite some time ago. Our bullet train is speeding past Hugo’s Venezuela with non-stop service to Uganda via a scenic detour through the Balkans. Although, it could be argued that the Balkans was our first stop on the drive to become a third world nation. Do you think that our Balkanized identity nations will ever live in peace and harmony? The ruling class will provide us with new sheet music that is supposed to guide us along, but there is no chance that we will ever be harmonious.

Hanging out with toddlers, you might find yourself watching a movie that otherwise might not have made it up to the top of your viewing list. Sitting in the recliner between two beauties, I got to watch Horton Hears a Who. It was again quite educational. I did not, repeat, did not tell my Granddaughters that the mouthy mother kangaroo bent on destroying the clover on which sat the speck on which Whoville existed bore a striking resemblance in appearance and character to Nancy Pelosi. I also did not tell them that all of the Who’s screaming unheard at the top of their lungs, “We Are Here!” was remarkably similar to the healthcare debate. We just giggled and ate ice cream. I did raise an eyebrow when Mia, the 2 year old, jumped down only to return with Curious George in a head lock. The Who’s were finally heard and they survived to prosper. Recalling the famous words of our President when he said that he was looking for some butt to kick, I suggested that next we watch Kung Fu Panda. Mia responded by yelling Hiiyeeaa! and hitting me in the head with a cardboard wrapping paper tube.

Before the United States of America can right herself, she must return to the Judeo-Christian principles that guided her through infancy – the principles that made us the most prosperous and free nation in the history of the world. We will be held accountable for how we bring up our children. We will also be held accountable for the America that they inherit from us or if there is an America left for them. We can save our country from destruction only when we make sure the ruling class hears us loud and clear and our one vote in November is too late to start.

© 2010

One Reply to “Look out the windows to your left”

  1. BradEast

    Thanks for sharing your “bunker” with us. I am forever linked with a stong bond to those who I have previously shared bunkers with. I have read your blog for most of the last year, and agree with you most of the time. It is time for the silent Christian majority to rise up against the liberal Godless minority.

    Now that we are bunker mates, care to trade some canned chocolate for some canned ham & eggs?

    Chocolate can be traded for peaches or maybe spaghetti, but never ham and eggs..

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