Looking for a reason to vote?

Besides national abandonment of God, runaway debt, runaway taxes, loss of individual liberty, advancing progressive communism, usurpation of state’s rights, courts (including the Supreme Court) filled with activist judges, political pork, political corruption, international apology tours, publicly funded National Propagandist Radio, and the Dude in Chief appearing on Comedy Central there are some other reasons.

If the tires on your car continue to wear out prematurely on one side or the other you can replace the tires, but you will not fix the problem until you make sure they are in proper alignment. Career establishment politicians replacing other career establishment politicians will never put us back on track or in alignment with what is important to America and Americans.

In America, the power belongs to the people. We are not a pure democracy. We are a representative republic. Americans entrust their state’s Congressional representatives with that power. We loan it to them with an unwritten, but well understood contract. They are not our rulers. They are our properly named public servants. They work for us and their job is to serve and act in the public interest and be the guardians of our God given freedom. They are to govern by the will of the people and not from an “I know better than you” elitist worldview. Unfortunately, for many years our politicians have not met their contractual obligations. They have not, because you and I have allowed them trample on our Constitution while ignoring the will of the American people. Thwarting the will of the American people is now steroidal. The American people have a contractual obligation too, but sadly for what is likely the most important election in our national history probably fewer than half of us will fulfill that contractual obligation to vote.

In Alaska, the people voted. They chose to thank Lisa Murkowski, who is in the Senate because it was a gift appointment from her father, for her try at representing their interest and send her into a well deserved political retirement. Alaskan’s Republicans voted instead to have Combat Veteran Joe Miller represent them in the race for the Senate seat to which Murkowski feels entitled. Although she was defeated in a fair primary election, a defeat she conceded, she decided to wage a write-in election campaign. The real stinker in the weeds is that her bid has the support of career, establishment politicians. Even after her primary loss and her campaign as a write-in, who could put a Democrat in her Senate seat, the establishment Republicans allowed her to keep a Senate committee chairmanship. Ridding our government of the Murkowski’s and the infestation of progressive ruling elites is a real good reason to vote. If you are an Alaskan and voting for Murkowski, you are unfortunately part of the problem. You are subjecting yourself to serfdom. It is however, your vote to use.

In Florida, the Republican National Committee was totally in the can for Governor Charlie Crist to be the next Republican Senator. Enter Marco Rubio. Rubio was handily defeating Crist in the primary campaign although Crist still had the backing of his progressive peers in Washington. When it became apparent that he would not win the primary election, Crist decided that he would just run as an Independent candidate. Like Murkowski, one does not decide to do that without a beltway wink or two thrown their way. Now we learn that Crist, with unnamed help (from Crist’s own admission) inside the Whitehouse and from Slick Willie Clinton, is trying to get the Democrat in the race to withdraw so that he might fill the seat to which he feels entitled. A vote for Crist is a vote for everything that is broken in Washington.

In Delaware, Christine O’Donnell defeated the establishment Republican choice to run for Joe Biden’s seat in the Senate. The career politician she defeated, like Alaska’s Murkowski, would not endorse her candidacy. On top of that, so called conservative pundits (Rove, Krauthammer, et al) lambasted her as not having a chance to win. The Republican National Committee did not come in to aid her campaign. In other words, the will of Republican primary voters in Delaware does not matter. What matters is what elitist’s like Mr. Rove and establishment politicians think. Not exactly bending to the will of the people are they? If there is one election in the country where Americans can send a clear message that enough is enough, it is in Delaware. Is that reason enough?

Go vote. The survival of our country depends on it.

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